In brief: While most events have a no date exchange policy in place, there are often times where you need to make an exception and exchange tickets from one tour date to another, or one tour to another. The following steps outline how to exchange tickets. 


STEP 1: Locate the booking within the Bookings View of the applicable tour or using the Bookings tab.

STEP 2: Click on the booking, and select Date Exchange within booking you would like to exchange. This will start the ticket exchange process.

STEP 3: Select the tickets that you would like to exchange. Note that you can exchange some or all the tickets on the order.

STEP 5: Select the  tour template, the new tour date, followed by the type of tickets on the new tour.
NOTE: You can exchange tickets to a different tour but NO difference in cost will be credited or collected. If you are "exchanging" tickets of a lower ticket type to a higher ticket type, you must actually purchase the new tickets and refund the previous order.

NOTE: Private and Pending Tours will display on the event selector to give you the option to exchange tickets to those tours should you need to.

STEP 6: Select the New Tickets that you would like to exchange.

STEP 7: Once you have selected the new tickets, select Exchange to complete the date change. A confirmation email containing new tickets will be sent to the ticket buyers.

For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.