In Brief: MAILCHIMP is a web-based email marketing service allowing you to create, send and track your email marketing and grow your business. The MAILCHIMP / EZTIX automated synchronization will create a link between your EzTix and Mailchimp accounts. Each time a new guest purchases a ticket, they will automatically be added to your Mailchimp list ready for your next email marketing campaign.The following article will outline what the integration does and how to integrate.


You will find the Mailchimp settings within the Global Event Management --> Mailchimp section with your EzTix account.


What the integration WILL do: 

  • Once enabled, your guests (who have subscribed when purchasing tickets or via the EzTix check-in process) will automatically be added to your MailChimp list ready to be used on your next email marketing campaign.
  • If you unsubscribe a customer from your EzTix account, they will be automatically unsubscribed from your Mailchimp list.
  • If your customer unsubscribes from your Mailchimp campaign, there unsubscribe will automatically be synchronized back to your EzTix list.
  • All email marketing campaign creation, sending & tracking remain in your Mailchimp account.


What the integration WILL NOT do:

  • The MailChimp sync is NOT a replacement for your EzTix post event emails. Your post event emails should be enabled and sent via EzTix to ensure every guest receives their email in a timely manner immediately after their activity. For details and instructions on setting up your post event emails, click here.
  • MailChimp is an email marketing tool to be used for marketing related email campaigns to drive future sales for your business. It is NOT designed for specific event related emails. Those are handled by EzTix.
  • While EzTix will keep your mailchimp list up to date with all your new customers, all email marketing campaigns will be created, sent and tracked in your Mailchimp account. To campaign tracking information is brought back into EzTix.





Don’t have a MailChimp account?


If you already have a MailChimp account, login and jump to step #2 "Select Account in the dropdown menu” in PART 2: Setting up the sync.

If you wish continue manually uploading your subscriber emails to your email marketing service of choice, CLICK HERE


1. Once you arrive at the website, the first prompt will be to Sign Up Free. Click on that button. 

2. Enter email, username, password

3. Click: Create Account



1. Once your account is created, click on the icon on the top right hand corner of the screen eg. “C”- Carry EzTix Event Ticketing”

2. Select Account in the dropdown menu

3. You will then see a menu (Overview – Settings – Extras – Integrations)

     Select Extras

4. Select API keys from the Extras dropdown menu

5. Click Create A Key

6. Double Click on the long series of numbers and letters under API Key

7. Copy API Key (control or command C) “code


8. Create a New Tab in your Browser: File – New Tab

9. Go to EzTix Login

10. Log in to OCP with your account details (regular username and password).

11. Click on the Global Event Management tab

On the left hand side, you will see the new MAILCHIMP tab!

12. Click on the MAILCHIMP Tab 

13. A new window will appear from the tab with a list of steps to complete.


  • Click on the MAILCHIMP API field
  • Paste your API key in that field. (control or command v)
  • Click SAVE!
  • Proceed to PART 3: Creating Lists.



1. Go back to the MAILCHIMP tab in your browser

2. Click on the Lists tab at the top of the window

3. Click on the Create List button


Backing up any existing list of subscribers is also always a great idea! 


4. A grey box will pop up asking “New List or Groups” – click the Create List button again.

5. Fill out the fields listed: List name, default “from” email


List name: Delicious Food Tours VIP members

Default “from” email:

Default “from” name: Delicious Food Tours

Remind people how they got on your list; eg. purchased a ticket within the last 6 months etc.


16. Scroll down to the bottom and click SAVE

17. This will bring you back to the List page. if it does not bring you back to the Lists page, click the List tab at the top of the window. 

18. Click the new list you created. Eg. Delicious Food VIP members.

19. Click Settings and select List name and defaults from the dropdown menu.

20. Under List ID you will see a series of numbers and letters in red. This is your List ID. Double click to select that code and copy it (command or control C) 

21. Go back to the EzTix tab on your web browser and to the same page you were just on (asking to fill in the MAILCHIMP List ID field)

Step 2) YOUR MAILING LIST ID will be the next step to complete. 

  • Click on the List ID field and paste your List ID into the List ID field (command or control V)  and click SAVE
  • Once you have completed all the sections necessary to set up your sync and see the green check marks appear – click Start Synchronizing Now. This will allow the current list of emails/subscribers to be uploaded to MAILCHIMP.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not close your browser window until that  Start Synchronizing Now button has disappeared. Once the button disappears, the sync will be complete. This may take a few minutes. 




How do ticket buyers Subscribe or “Opt In” to the mailing list?

Guests can opt in to your mailing list or newsletter by one of several ways.

PURCHASING A TICKET: While purchasing their ticket, either online or over the phone, they will be asked if they would like to receive occasional product updates and offers from you. Ie. guests will now have the option to subscribe or not. 


CHECKING INTO THE ACTIVITY: If you are using the EzTix Check In system to check in your guests, each guest will have the opportunity to  enter their email address which will then subscribe them to your list.

MANUALLY ADDING GUEST EMAIL ADDRESSES: If you are collecting a manual list of emails from your guests, once you enter them into the guest edit area in EzTix, they will be subscribed to your Mailchimp marketing list.

SPECIFIC REQUEST: Should a guest call in and clearly express interest to be added to the mailing list – you can add them to the list by following the steps outlined in “Adding/Removing people from the list" below. 


WARNING -  Guest must express CLEAR consent. If you do not have their permission to add or subscribe them to the mailing list, you will be breaking international spam law.


Can ticket buyers unsubscribe or “Opt Out” of the mailing list?

Yes, ticket buyers can unsubscribe a number of ways.

They can unsubscribe by opening a Mailchimp Marketing email that they have received from you and clicking the “unsubscribe” option at the bottom of the email *RECOMMENDED*.

Ticket buyers can also call in to request to be taken off the mailing list manually. We must respect these requests as to comply with international spam laws. *Please refer to the steps in  How do I Add/Remove ticket buyers from a mailing list?   below. 

IMPORTANT: If a ticket buyer unsubscribes from your list via the link at the bottom of a newsletter – those settings will be automatically synchronized back to EzTix. 

Once a guest has unsubscribed from the list, you CANNOT add the user back to the list or you could be subject to large fines.


How do I Add/Remove ticket buyers from a mailing list?

If you are a TOUR PARTNER:

1. Log in to EzTix

2. Select the date/event in your calendar and scroll down to Bookings.

3. Below the guest name/s, click Edit Guest

4. Once the window pops up, Click “Unsubscribe from Mail List”


If you are an EVENT PARTNER:

1. Login to EzTix

2. Click on the event in question.  

3. Click Edit/manage on the right side of the event

4. Click on the TICKET SEARCH tab.

5. Search the Guest Name/details and in the column on the right of their booking, select Edit/Manage. 

6. Click "Unsubscribe from Mail List" box 




2. Click on the My Customers tab

3. Search for the guest booking - and click on “unsuscribe” next to the guest name.

4. Click “Subscribe” or "Unsubscribe"  

If a ticket buyer unsubscribes from Mail Chimp will this automatically update into EzTix?

Yes it will. Note: the sync is done hourly.

*Note, if new ticket buyers do not opt in/subscribe to the mailing list, their email will not be synced. 


Do I have to pay for my MAILCHIMP account?

Yes. Lists with over 500 subscribers require payment. Payment will vary and is stipulated by MAILCHIMP, not EzTix.


How much do I have to pay for my MailChimp account?

Price and payment will vary depending on a number of factors.

All payment questions should be directed to Mail Chimp.


What information is published in the Email Marketing Report? What Data Syncs?

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • First date purchased
  • Most recent purchase date.


How often does the Email Marketing List sync?

The lists sync hourly.

NOTE* Syncs can only be set up one way! You can only update or edit subscribers through EzTix and not through MailChimp.


How do I send out a campaign/email to a segment of my list?

You can actually create segments in MailChimp that will allow you target a group of subscribers, and to view and export segments of your list. 

1. Login to your MailChimp account.

2. Go to Lists tab at the top of the window

3. Click on the list you would like to create a segment in.

4. Then click on the Segments button and select New Segment in the dropdown menu. 

5. This will bring you to segment conditions creation page.  This will allow you to create your segment based on conditions that you select. 

7. A common segment condition is "date added".  Eg. Reach out to ticket buyers that have been added to the system within the last 7 days - while your tour is still top of mind.  

8. Once you have selected segment conditions, click Preview Segment

9.  This will preview your segment list and let you know how many subscribers fit into that category/condition. If you are satisfied with those metrics and with that segment, click Save Segment to create the segment. 

10. Once you select Save Segment, you will be prompted to name your segment.

Confirm that these are the segment conditions that you originally selected.

Once you have confirmed, select the "Auto-Update" box to enable to automatic sync of this segment condition criteria. ie. the segment will automatically update so that the list will always fit that criteria and will be the most up to date list.  

11. When you are ready to send a campaign to your saved segment, select Send to  from the dropdown menu. You will have to create a campaign before being able to send anything to your lists or segments. Please refer to MailChimp support to learn how to create campaigns. 



What is a segment?

Segments allow you to send an email/newsletter etc to a smaller group or segment of your subscriber list through a filter system.

You can choose to send your newsletter or marketing email to a specific group of people based on their most recent purchase date.

Eg. Send your list to everyone who purchased a ticket in the last 3 months to keep your tour company or event top of mind when they are looking to refer the experience or purchase tickets again.


Thank you for reading this article. For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.