In brief: EzTix offers you the ability to integrate your EzTix Calendar directly into your company's Facebook page, showing your guests your upcoming activities. The integration enables your guests to book your experience(s) directly from your Facebook page.


Facebook does not currently support custom Tabs on mobile devices. As a result, this integration will only be available to desktop users.

NOTE: The EzTix Facebook Integration is in its BETA testing stage. All EzTix clients are welcome to try this BETA version of the integration however, bear in mind the product should be used at your own risk.


The integration will take about 15 minutes to complete. Before you begin, please ensure that you have Admin access to your EzTix account or higher, and you are the Administrator of the Facebook Page on which you will integrate the calendar.


The EzTix Facebook integration uses an HTML Facebook App which will allow you to add a custom script (your Eztix Activities Calendar) to your Facebook Page.

Please complete the following steps to set up the integration:

STEP 1: 

Visit the following link and select the "Add Static HTML to a page" button. You will be redirected to a Facebook authentication page.


Select your Facebook Page from the drop down list. Reminder: you must be an administrator on your Facebook Page to see it in the list. Once you've selected your page, click "Set Up Tab".


You will now be taken to the Facebook Page you selected. Click the "Set up tab" button to start building your new tab.


  • On the following screen, you will need to replace the content of the "index.html" box with your EzTix Calendar Integration code. You will find your EzTix Calendar Integration code in your EzTix account under Global Event Management > Calendar tab on the left hand side. Once there, click "Generate" to access your integration codes.
  • Copy all 3 EzTix Integration Codes into the "index.html" box one after another.


Give your new Facebook Tab a custom name so visitors know what to click. We suggest changing the name to "Book Now" or something similar. To change the Tab's name, click the Actions dropdown, followed by Edit Name and Image. Change the Tab name and click Save Tab Name.


To make your new tab live, click the blue Save & Publish button. Once published, return to your Facebook Page to checkout your new tab.


You may wish to change the order of the tabs on your Facebook page. To do this, from your Facebook page:

  • Click Manage Tabs on the left side of your Page
  • Click and drag a tab to reorder it, or click Add or Remove Tabs
  • Click Save
  • You have now completed your Facebook Integration and you are ready to start receiving bookings through Facebook!

If you do see any issues or errors with the Facebook integration, note that this is the BETA version of the integration, and that we will not be making significant changes until the integration is released as a completed app.  

For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.