In brief: The following article will outline how to integrate your Viator account with EzTix. What this will mean for you and your operations team, is that bookings made through Viator will be seamlessly uploaded (amended and cancelled as well) into EzTix - pulling live information through the Viator API about your tour inventory and availability within EzTix. So, no more manual inputting each booking and no more on request bookings. 

To move ahead with the integration, you will need to be a current Tour Operator partner with EzTix, with Live Tour Offerings on Viator, or approved products. 

If you are interested in the integration, please email and we will reach out to you with more information and a list of deliverables we need from you to get started. 

What is a Viator API booking? 

A Viator API booking is an offline booking, exclusive to Tour Operators, that is automatically added into EzTix once you have integrated your EzTix and Viator accounts. Customers can go online and purchase tickets through Viator and their customer information or booking will be automatically uploaded into EzTix through the booking availability API. These bookings are technically considered offline bookings, in the sense that the transaction was completed and funds were collected by Viator, not EzTix. However, the difference is that all the work of  manually inputting data no longer exists with the integration. 

How Can I recognize a Viator API booking within EzTix? 

Select "Bookings" from your main menu

From the filter options, select the Agency button 

select the "Viator API" source from the list of available sources

Your Viator API bookings will then appear for the date range selected. You can confirm they are Viator API bookings by seeing "Viator API" in the Agency column. 



Does the guest email address come through with the Viator API booking? 

With all Viator bookings, the email is not submitted and the telephone number is not a required field in their booking process, though if the customer submits their day of phone number in the booking process, it will be transferred over through the API process. Should a customer call in, the EzTix team does attempt to populate all these fields so you can have the most accurate portrait of the customer attending the tour. 


How much am I charged per API booking? 

- EzTix collects a .99 cents (or 99 euro cents, CAD/US cents, 35 TBH etc. ) per API booking that comes through the system. On a sales report, the net payout amount associated with an api booking will be - 0.99. 

- The API booking will also collect the offline net value in the sales report - or the amount collected through Viator. This will not be something paid out on your next deposit, as this money has already been paid out through Viator,  but it allows you to understand their total sales for the year.  That being said, there can always be discrepancies. For true sales numbers, go to your Viator extranet to pull a sales report for the needed date range. 


What support can the EzTix team offer? 

Like ALL OTHER OFFLINE BOOKINGS, EzTix support staff can only offer support that requires no actions (refunds, exchanges etc).  

This means, our team can:

  • confirm information on booking to the customer calling or emailing in (after a security check is done)
  • add or edit notes on behalf of the customer or client (with security check)
  • collect new information (email and telephone number) 

Is it normal not to receive booking notifications? 

Yes, you will not receive booking notifications or ticket sold notifications when Viator API bookings come through the system. That being said, the Viator API respects the sales cutoff time of your tour, so you will not have any last minute bookings. 

What happens when I receive a booking notification?/on request booking notification from Viator?

If you receive a booking notification from Viator (which you generally shouldn't if your integration is live) it means there is either an error in the booking, or an issue with the integration. 

What you will need to do is simply enter the booking as an offline booking in the system and/or verify that the booking doesn't already exist by doing a booking search. 

Events > Select Event > + Offline Booking

If I add a new event in EzTix, will it automatically become available in Viator through the Integration?

No, if you add a new event in EzTix, you must also open the event up on the Viator extranet. The API is not automatic in the sense that it's constantly talking to the other system. The events dates do need to line up in order for availability calls to be made and bookings to be made through the API. Your Viator rep can help you line up the availability in Viator. 

Exchanges and Refunds:

Support Centre staff are not able to make exchanges or refunds of any kind on Viator API bookings. 

All requests for exchanges or refunds must be made through Viator and initiated through Viator, and the API should initiate the refund or exchange. 

How do I refund or exchange a booking?

If a refund or exchange needs to be initiated - it should be done through the Viator extranet as the Viator API source within EzTix respects the rules of the API and not a regular offline booking. Then, it should automatically be removed. 

That being said, to remove a booking from EzTix through EzTix and not through the API, you will need to change the source to "Viator" and then select refund. 

Understanding Viator API in the Context of Sales Reports.

- Isolate Viator API bookings through a sales report by selecting "Sales Agency Name" in the
Sales Report "Report Fields" Section. 

- Isolate Viator API bookings by downloading a report by Source. Select the Viator API source from the "dropdown menu"

Will Viator send money to EzTix? Does EzTix now negotiate my contract?

No, your relationship with Viator stays the same. Any conversations about your contract, your rate remains the same, and should be dealt with through Viator. 

Please feel free to direct the customer to Viator customer support or contact your designated Viator area rep with more questions. 

Their call centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

  • USA & Canada: (866) 648-5873 (toll free)
  • UK: (0)20 3318 0421
  • Australia: (0)2 8069 5885
  • Brazil: (21) 3958 5513
  • International: +1 (702) 648-5873


For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.