In brief: The following article will outline what a user account is, how to create a new user, the tiered roles of users and what access it grants them.


Each user is a person or profile added to your account with access to that account. When a user is created, they will be given a username (their email address) and an email link to set a password that they will use to login.

Each user will be assigned a specific permission level, granting them access or denying them access to certain areas of the EzTix administrative panel and actions within it. Only one email address can used to create a user account. I.e. If you are an owner and wish to also create a tour guide user account, two separate accounts with separate email addresses must be created.


STEP 1: Login to the EzTix and click on the "Global Event Management" tab on the top right hand side.

STEP 2: Select "User Management" on the left hand side menu
Click the green "Create New User" button at the top of the page

Enter the user's first name, last name, address, phone number and email address. Please note this is the email address they will use to receive notifications, and login to the system.

STEP 3: Select the appropriate permissions level using the radio buttons:


USER ROLE GUIDE - Privileges and Abilities
Owner: Full access to all system benefits and abilities. Legal ties to company. If there is a mistake and you need to demote someone from owner, you will need to promote another user as Owner and that mistaken owner will be demoted to Admin. 
Admin: Same access as owners, but cannot change/delete owner user access
Manager: Can create/edit/manage all aspects of the account, but cannot access financial reports
Tour Guide Supervisor: No access to editing or reporting, but can view the schedules of all other tour guides, as well as check in guests, print guest lists, tour calendars.
Tour Guide: No access to editing or reporting - can only access assigned tours to view/print guest list, check-in guests & view their calendar
Sales: Used only to generate unique sales links and provide sales-only access through a dedicated portal
Scanner Operator: Used only for logging in to onsite scanner and sales equipment

NOTE: There are additional steps required to assign your guides to tour templates for scheduling and payroll. Please read more in the Tour Guide Management section