In brief: The tour calendar is another great way to view your tour schedule at a glance, across all templates. You will be able to see tours available, ticket availability, cutoff time for the tours, event duration, meeting point, guides assigned, tour status etc. This information will help you in checking tour availability, assigning guides etc. 



Login to EzTix. 


Select CALENDAR tab from the top of the menu. 

Tour Availability

The calendar will display each experience listed on each day with available instances of the experiences, or tour times, color coded to suggest availability and an icon to suggest status of the event (should it be private or pending) 

Green tour time will indicate "high" ticket availability, or many tickets  available. 

Red tour time will indicate "sold out" or no tickets available. 

Orange tour time will indicate "limited availability" or limited tickets available. 

The private tour badge, and blue colouring on the left hand side of the event time will suggest it's a Private Tour and cannot be sold through the call centre/nor is available to the public. From the support centre's perspective, a day with only 1 private tour listed on the calendar, is a day with no current availability.

The "do not enter" icon will suggest it's a pending tour, meaning it is not a live tour. So something that will potentially open up for availability but not something that is advertised as available or an available tour time to someone who may call our support centre. 

Tickets Available 

Find out how many tickets are available for the experience in question by scrolling down to the event date, and time, and clicking on the event time.  (If Green or Orange).

A small info pop up box will appear, outlining tickets available, sold and the capacity for the tour on the top left hand side.  


Refresh the Calendar 

If you've made a recent change to the calendar and you are not seeing the change or concerned a change has not been made, try refreshing the calendar. You can do so by selecting the refresh icon on the top right hand side of the Calendar window.

Show/Hide Guides

The calendar will allow you to see what guides are currently assigned to each tour.  The look of the calendar can start to get a little cluttered if there are many tours listed per day, with all guides assigned. Temporarily hide the guides from the calendar view by selecting the "eye" icon on the top left hand side of the Calendar view to show or hide guides.

For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.