In brief: The status of your tour determines its visibility in the public calendar.


Login to EzTix. 


Select CALENDAR tab from the top of the menu.  

STEP 3: Change Tour Status: Changing tour Status easily from within the calendar view by selecting the date and time of the tour.


Click on the "LIVE" link to change it to pending  The tour will then no longer be available on your public facing calendar. 

Should you want to open up the tour again and make it available for ticket sales, select the "PENDING" link and it will change the tour to live. You'll then notice it is available for sales on your public website. 

NOTE: If a tour already has sales on it, it cannot be set to PENDING. You will need to refund or date exchange any transactions on the tour to change the status from LIVE to PENDING.

For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.