In Brief: The SMS reminder message will notify the guest of the tour or event date, time, and prompt them to view more information on their tickets, right from an automated reminder SMS message.

When enabled, the SMS reminder will be sent out at the same time as reminder email.

Enabling Customer SMS Reminders 

When purchasing tickets, your guests will be asked to enter a valid mobile number. EzTix requires the full international dialing codes to ensure you can contact your guests should you need to.

A country flag will also auto-populate - based on the country that your account is in. 

To simplify this for your guest, they can simply select their country flag in the dropdown menu beside the mobile phone field- allowing you to contact your guest should you need to.


Log into EzTix.


Select the Templates or for Event, Events Tab within the EzTix OCP.


Select the template or event for which you would like to send reminder SMS messages.


Select the Customization tab on the left hand side of your screen.


Select the Messages tab on the top of the customization section
Once in the messages tab, you will need to scroll down and select "SEND CUSTOMER REMINDER SMS" in the Event Reminder section of the template details.

Remember to select Save once you have selected the checkbox!



What happens when the wrong phone number is entered? 

The SMS reminder message will simply not send or send to a different mobile number. 

What happens if the guest entered a land line in the mobile number field?

Depending on the land line service provider, a SMS message may be converted to a voicemail, or will simply not be sent/delivered. Ensure you enter a valid mobile number to ensure your guides are getting their SMS reminders!

Can I customize the SMS reminder message? 

Unfortunately SMS reminders are not customizable. 

Will it cost me anything to deploy SMS reminders?

No - you will not be charged to deploy reminder SMS messages.

Will my guest be charged for receiving and SMS reminder message?

Most carriers do not charge for inbound SMS messages. That being said, it is possible that a small percentage of customers incur a small fee, in rare cases. 

Can I disable SMS notifications?
By default, SMS notifications will be enabled when you create a new Template. You can disable SMS reminder notifications by deselecting the box in the customization tab --> notifications --> messages section of each templates, the same way it was enabled.. See above.

Do my customers agree to SMS messages?
In the purchase process, customers will agree to the terms and conditions which have SMS reminders included. 

For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.