Welcome to EzTix! This guide will walk you through the initial steps to setting up your EzTix Account and getting your first tour on sale. A member of our team will create the account for you and send you details on how to login with a username and password.


  1. Set Your Password
  2. Add Your Company Description
  3. Add Emergency Contact Details
  4. Update your Sales Info/Call Centre Info and Policies
  5. Adding Users / Tour Guides to your Account
  6. Social Media Links
  7. Insert Your Google Adwords & Analytics Account Numbers
  8. Add Meeting Points /Meeting Location to your Account
  9. Add Tour Dates to the Calendar
  10. Integrate EzTix into your Website

Visit the Partner Login Page to input your credentials and let's get going.

STEP 1: Set Your Password

Once your account is created, you will receive a password reset email from EzTix asking you to reset your password. This is your opportunity to select a password of your choice. It is vital to the security of your account that you have a unique password known only to you.

Follow the link in the email to be directed to the Password Reset form, fill in your new password, confirm it and press reset.

Your password is now saved! Be sure to keep your login credentials unique, and do not give them to anyone else. Once you have access to your account, additional users can be added to your account through the User Management area.

STEP 2: Add Your Company Description

Your company description allows our call centre staff to know a bit more about your company and what you are selling. This information allows us to better represent your brand and best serve your guests.

NOTE: This description must be kept to 800 characters or less.

The first screen is the Account Settings Tab. The first group of options in the Account Settings tab is the Company Description. 

Add a description to the field and click the save button.

STEP 3: Add Emergency Contact Details

The next section in the account settings tab is the Contact information section. This section instructs the EzTix Team who to contact when we need immediate answers in regards to your account. Please provide a name, email & contact phone number who we should contact when questions arise. You can also add any notes into the notes field.

Once you have added the contact details, please click SAVE.

STEP 4: Sales Info and Policies for the Call Centre

The Sales Info is your opportunity to provide additional details to the call centre agents aside from those listed in your tour or event descriptions. These questions and answers will give call centre agents important details about how you would like your tours sold and details like age restrictions, accessibility notes, weather restrictions or other common questions you are likely to hear from your potential guests.

        Edit your Sales Info

  1. Select Templates on the top part of your screen.
  2. Click "Edit Template" next to the experience you wish to add/edit sales info for.
  3. Select the Sales Info tab on the left hand side of the screen.
  4. Fill out all appropriate forms and click Save!

STEP 5: Adding Users / Tour Guides to your Account

If you have Partners, Employees, or Tour Guides on staff, you can provide them with OCP access to help you pull reports, sell tickets, manage your business, and track which tour guides are assigned to which tours.

To add a new user to your account:

  1. Click "Global Event Management"
  2. Click "User management" on the left hand side of the screen

  3. Click the green "Create New User" button

  4. Insert their details into the field, and select the role you wish to assign them from the drop-down menu
  5. Click Save
  6. In the User Management screen, click:next to the new user you have created. This will send them a change password email and let them know they now have access to the system

STEP 6: Social Media Links

Allowing your guests to share the news of their ticket purchase is a great way to find more guests for future tours!

  1. Head to Global Event Management
  2. On the left menu list, click on the tab labelled Social Media.

  3. Check the appropriate boxes if you'd like to share links to your social accounts on your Email Confirmation page and Ticket Confirmation page.
  4. Add the Facebook and Twitter addresses for your accounts, if applicable.
  5. You can also customize the labels above the share links, should you choose to do so.
  6. Click Save.

STEP 7: Insert Your Google Adwords and Analytics Account Details

Keeping tabs on your traffic and measuring the success of your Google Adwords campaigns is the next stop on your path to selling your tickets. If you are not using either of these products from Google, feel free to skip this section. Otherwise, read on!

  1. Head to Global Event Management if you're not already there. Click on the link at the top of your work screen.
  2. On the left menu list, click on the tab labeled Google Tracking.

  3. Add your Google Analytics Account ID in the appropriate field.
  4. If applicable, add your Google Adwords Conversion Label & Google Adwords Conversion ID in the appropriate fields. To learn how to set-up a conversion in Google Adwords that can be used in EzTix, click here.
  5. Click Save.

STEP 8: Add Meeting Points

Meeting Points are essential in directing your guests to the right location and essential to tour/experience operations. The meeting point will also appear on your customer's confirmation email and e-ticket, so clear, accurate and specific directions are essential. 

Adding/Edit Meeting Points:

1. Select the Global Event Management tab on the top right hand side of your screen.

2. Select the Meeting Points tab on the bottom left hand side.


3. Add a new Meeting Point by selecting ADD.

Then, fill out all the required fields in the Meeting Point form and click SAVE . 

Once you'd created your meeting points, you will then be able to apply them to Templates (so they apply to all experiences on that template) and adjust or edit meeting points on specific tours, should they differ. 

Assign Meeting Points to your Experiences 

In Brief:

Templates > Select Template > Edit Details > Meeting Point > Save! 

1. Select Templates 

2. Select Edit Template on the appropriate template in the list of your experiences.

3. Select Template Details



STEP 9: Add Tour Dates to your Calendar 

1. Click "Templates"

2. Next to the Tour Template you wish to create dates for, click "Manage Tour Dates" 

3. You should see an interactive calendar load onto the page. Using this calendar, find and click on the date of the FIRST tour date you would like to add. 

eg. I want to add tour dates from September 1st to December 20th. Click on September 1st. 

4. You should see the event creation window appear, with the option to create either a single or recurring event 

5. If you are creating a single event, simply enter the date and start time, and click "Create". The system will automatically add the details of the template into the date you have chosen, and voila! You have a tour ready to sell tickets!

6. If you are planning to run this event on multiples dates, select "recurring" and you will see some new fields populate.


Here, you have the ability to select which dates your tour will run, and at what times. Simply enter the first and last dates of the tour (please note you can always come back and add additional tours at anytime), select the start time, and check off all days that you would like that tour to run.

Advanced Options

You can also choose to add bulk or individual event dates/tour dates as either Pending, Private and set a different meeting point for those tour dates.

How to:

Select "SHOW" beside "Advanced Options" to select a different meeting point for the tour dates you are adding, and select "Pending" or "Private" to set the status of the tours to pending or private. 

NOTE: The tour dates you are adding will automatically default to "LIVE", and "PUBLIC" unless you select the alternate options. 

Once you click "create", the EzTix system will automatically add this tour into your calendar on the days and time specified, as well as Advanced options specified. If you have additional tours that run on different days and times, simply repeat the process and voila! your tour calendar is ready to go, and the new dates will automatically appear on your EzTix-integrated website to start selling tickets!

STEP 10: Integrating EzTix into your website

For detailed information on how to integrate EzTix into your website please review the following solution articles:

  1. How to add a tour calendar and tour specific calendar to your website
  2. How to integrate ticket sales on your website

For further assistance please contact partnersupport@eztix.com or call us at 1-877-413-2488.