In brief: Offline bookings are used to track bookings that are made through 3rd party booking partners such as Viator, Travel Agents, Expedia or any other source outside the EzTix system. It is beneficial to add these purchases into EzTix to track the guest and sales.


STEP 1: 

Add an offline booking using the  "Offline Booking" Option in EzTix or by going to EVENTS and searching for the particular event in which an offline booking needs to be added.


STEP 2: 

Fill out all required fields (marked with *) as well as any other additional details available for the guests. 

NOTE: A minimum of first name, last name, number of tickets and value of booking are required to create a booking.

STEP 3: 

Select a Source from the dropdown list. If you have not yet created any Offline Booking Sources, enter a new Source by selecting "OTHER" then entering a new source in the appropriate field.

STEP 4: 

After selecting the number of tickets needed for your Offline Booking, you may choose to add individual names and email addresses for the guests on the booking.  

NOTE:  Email addresses must be accompanied by first and last names.

STEP 6: 

When checked, the "Suppress Post Event Email" option will stop EzTix from sending post event emails to the email address associated to the guest.  By default, all guests with email addresses will be contacted post tour.

NOTE: Offline Bookings do not receive confirmation emails by default as it is expected that the customer will have received a confirmation from the booking source. If you require a confirmation email to be sent, once the booking is created, select "resend tickets" when clicking on the booking. 

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