In brief: Planning to sell a ticket offer through a Group Discount site such as Groupon or Living Social? This article will help you prepare to use these powerful marketing tools and deliver the required information so your guests can redeem their tickets easily.

Groupon, Living Social and their counterparts offer a discounted rate to your event or tours.  Your guests will pre-purchase a voucher from your Group Discount provider in which there will be a redemption code. The customer will then use the redemption code to purchase their tickets for your tour or event.

It is VERY important to ask your Group Discount provider (Groupon or Living Social) to generate your redemption codes in advance so our Partner Support Team can have them uploaded and ready in your account before the codes are sold. Failing to do this will result in your ticket buyers being unable to redeem their codes.



Request your provider generate and supply you with all of the redemption codes before they begin the sale. Typically they will provide you with a spreadsheet in .csv format.


Provide the details of your Discount Offer, and the redemption codes to EzTix Organizer Support. We've created a form here for you to automatically submit all of the details and your discount file with ease!


Ensure your provider lists specific instructions on how your guests redeem their offer.  People often don't realize that the groupon or living social code is not in fact their ticket.  Your guests will need to take their redemption code from the discount provider to your website, book tickets using your EzTix sales process and enter the redemption code in the Discount/E-Certificate field.  Their tickets will be emailed to them as normal.


Here are our suggested instructions to include on the Discount Provider's voucher:

"To redeem this voucher, please visit and click the BUY TICKETS link. Select the number of tickets your voucher is good for. Enter the redemption code in the Discount box on the ticket page and click update. Continue the checkout process as normal. Note: Only one code can be used per order.  If you want to use multiple redemption codes, you will need to create multiple orders to do so."

All of the codes you provide to us from Groupon etc., are uploaded into your Bulk Offers Section.  To look them up at any time, go to Global Events Management>Bulk Offers tab. 

For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.