In brief:  If you are running a social campaign and the third party has sent you an excel file/csv of a list of redemption codes, we will need to upload your codes into the EzTix systems so that your guests can redeem their tickets easily. 


Please visit: and fill in all of the fields on the online form to ensure the system applies the discount correctly.  


  • We will require 48 hours to complete your request. Once the codes have been uploaded, Partner Support will notify you that your codes are ready for redemption.
  • On Ticket Types: Discount codes cannot be restricted by ticket type. Your discount will be applied to any ticket type chosen by your customers.  For Example, we cannot restrict the discount to a ticket type specifically for a child's entrance to an event, however they can be restricted to a particular tour template.
  • On Tax:  As Groupon will not collect tax for you, we have added the option to charge your guests tax when they use their coupon.  There is a check box on the online form to alert us you'd like to exercise this option.  Your regional tax rate will automatically be applied.

For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.