In brief: Please be sure you have reviewed HOW TO CREATE A NEW TOUR TEMPLATE if you require more information about the intricacies of setting up a template. 

In the main menu, click "Templates" and next to the template you wish you edit, click "edit/manage."

NOTE: Any changes you make to your templates will automatically be applied to all linked tour dates that have not already been altered at the event level.


Here is a list of the essential items within a template that you should always ensure are up to date:

1. Template Details: 

Here you can adjust the experience image and summary that will appear in the purchase process. Enter a brief description in the EZBOOK SUMMARY field provided, and upload a beautiful image that highlights your experience. They will both appear throughout the purchase process:

2. Ticket Types: 

Here you can create the required ticket options and price points for your experience. Be sure to set the maximum capacity of the experience in the EVENT TICKET LIMIT field to ensure your maximum capacity is never exceeded!

3. Buyer Questions: 

Buyer questions provide you the opportunity to collect additional information from your geusts during the purchase process. These could include things like "How did you hear about us?", "Are you experienced in riding a bicycle?", "Are you celebrating a special occasion?" or "Does anyone in your party have any mobility issues we should be aware of". Use these at your discretion to collect the information you need to provide your guests with the best possible experience.

4. Dietary Restrictions:

Does this experience offer food or drink tastings? If so, Dietary Restrictions allows you to specify the specific allergies/restriction your experience is able to accommodate. Once set, ticket buyers will be able to associate these restrictions PER GUEST so you can plan substitutions, and know exactly who needs them.

5. Customization:

Here you can customize the ticket page, e-tickets, and automated emails that your geusts received. We highly recommend toggling to the MESSAGES tab on this page, and adding any additional text, images, links, etc. to each of the automated emails. This is your opportunity to provide guests with extra goodies, information, or images to help them prepare for the experience. As you add information, be sure to use the "SEND TEST EMAIL" link to see a real example of how it looks, and continue making tweaks until you are satisfied with the result.

6. Sales Info:

The information presented in the SALES INFO section is what is displayed for the EzTix Support Team when they are assisting your guests with questions and purchases. Please ensure to fill this out in detail to ensure they have everything they need ot ensure a satisfied guest on each and every call.

For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.