In brief: To preview your our e-ticket go to TEMPLATES > EDIT TEMPLATE (for whichever tour template tickets you wish to preview) > CUSTOMIZATION > E-TICKET > View Ticket Preview.

An Example of a EzTix E-Ticket:


Booking Info:

This section includes booking details needed by the guest as well as your guide/check in staff.  The QR code can by used to check in your guests using the EZScanner app or EzTix Scanner equipment.

Additional Text:

This section can be populated in Templates > Customization > E-Tickets.

Locate the "Additional Text" section on the page and add any information your guests will need.  Be sure to save your changes.

Meeting Point:

This is automatically populated after you've chosen a meeting point when scheduling this template.  To edit a meeting point go to Global Event Management > Meeting Points.


This contact information is populated from Meeting Points.

Terms & Conditions:

Your activity terms and conditions is automatically populated by EzTix based on your service agreements.  If you require additional terms and conditions added to your E-Tickets, please contact Partner Support.

For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.