In brief: Marking your guest as a no show is beneficial for clarity as to what occurred with any given booking should you need to reference it in the future. The following article will outline how to document guests who have not showed up for their tour.

STEP 1: in your browser on a mobile device > Select Event > View Bookings > CHECK IN GUESTS BUTTON at the bottom of the page to begin check in from a mobile device.

You're now on the Check in Screen.

  • Find the guest name you would like to check in, and press the circle to the right of their name.
  • Click the Confirm Check In button, the Mark as No Show button or cancel button. Marking a guest as No Show indicates that they did not arrive to the tour as scheduled. When marketing a guest as no-show, you will be asked to enter a comment. Use this area to add any additional information about the situation such as whether or not you called the guest. This information will be included int he order history and emailed automatically to the primary contact on your EzTix account.  


If you have marked a guest as a no show, and they arrive, it's very easy to change their check in status.

  • Find their name on the Guest Check In page.
  • Press the Green Check if they've been checked in already, or the Red X if marked as a no show.
  • You'll be asked to clear their check in status.
  • Press the GREEN button to clear their status.
  • Back on the Check In screen, you can now follow the check in procedure described above.

For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.