In brief: EzTix offers a discount code program that allows you to diversify your marketing strategy, and organize and manage your discount codes by type.  

Discounts are categorized as the following:  Discounts OR Bulk Offers


Discounts under the Discount tab refer to the codes that exist as a part of a promotional campaign that originated from your company. I.e. FOODIEFRIDAY, BDAYGIFT, etc. These codes/campaigns are owned by your company exclusively and can be managed and manipulated as necessary.


All new regular discount codes can be created under the Discounts tab in Global Event Management. 


Login to your EzTix account 


Select your Global Event Management Tab.


Select DISCOUNTS from the menu tab on the left hand side of the screen.


Select Add New Global Discount.


Follow the instructions in each section:

  1. Is this discount code active? Yes or No. Select yes if you would like the code to be valid from the moment you save/create it. Note, you can make any inactive code activate at any time, and visa versa.

  2. Discount code: The discount code title. This is the name of the code that customers will enter in the discount code field when purchasing a ticket.

  3. Description: Enter text for your reference only (to help you organize your campaigns.)

  4. Discount Value: $ or % of total value off.

  5. Collect Tax on full price: Will vary from region to region

  6. Max Uses: The absolute maximum number of times the discount can be used for any valid order. eg. you run a campaign for 10% off with the code "First100" for the first 100 people to make a booking, and make only 100 codes available.

  7. Max per booking: The maximum number of times that the discount code can be used per booking. If you select unlimited, that discount $/% can be used against multiple tickets in a transaction. Select Unlimited if you do not wish to set a limit for the use of discount codes per booking.
    Select Limited, and enter in the number of tickets per booking that you will allow the discount code to apply to. We suggest you limit the discount code to 1 use/ticket per booking

  8. Valid on E-certificates: can be used as a discount when purchasing a gift certificate for another person. If you wish to have your Discount Code restricted to ONLY E-Certificates, please select "Yes to E-certs Only"
  9. Purchase Date Restriction: Select the which this discount code can be used. Note, this does not refer to the event date, but rather to the actual discount code purchase date.

  10. Purchase Day Restriction: Select the tour/event days where this discount is applicable.

  11. Event Date Restriction: Select the actual tour dates/event dates that you would like the discount code to be valid for.

  12. Ticket Restriction: Select the ticket type and template for which this discount code is valid.  

Once you have filled out all the fields necessary to create a new discount code, remember to click Save Discount. Once you have successfully saved and created a new discount code, you will see it live in your Discounts tab.


Once you've searched the discount code, you will be able to see the details of the discount code, it's uses and restrictions in the discount code summary. 

Should you need to see more detailed information or make edits to the restrictions, expiry date, booking dates, number of uses etc, simply click "EDIT" details.  

Remember to click save! 

For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.