E-Certificates allow guests to purchase a certificate of any value that can be redeemed at a later date for an event or experience.

Upon completion of the purchase, the purchaser will receive a confirmation email including a link to access the e-certificate. 

If they selected to send to a recipient, the recipient will receive the E-certificate to their email address at the delivery date scheduled during the purchase process. 

Access the eCertificate sales link in Global Event Management 

> E-certificates

eCertificate Update Dec 2017 will include; 

- New look and feel of the E-certificate purchase process 

- Ability to send to a recipient and schedule the delivery date

- Ability to edit and adjust the value or balance of the E-certificate

- Ability to change the recipient name and email address

- Ability to set suggested pricing with a "calculator" to make the purchase easy for the guest.

- Add a custom Message for the guest

- Shortened description to simplify the booking process. 


The receiver of the e-certificate will be given instructions to visit the company website or call EzTix support to redeem their e-certificate for  tickets to an experience. The e-certificate contains a unique e-certificate code that will be used to enter during the checkout process to receive the value.  The E-certificate can be used to cover the entire order including the tickets, fees and taxes. Regular ticket fees will apply to all orders that used an E-Certificate. 

 If the E-Certificate value is less than the ticket + fees + taxes,  the buyer will be asked for their credit card information, to cover the difference. A great way to avoid this is to suggest specific prices for E-certificates based on the different experiences you offer (price per ticket inclusive of taxes and ticket fees).

If the ticket buyer is using an E-certificate with a greater value than the tickets, the remaining value will stay on that certificate and the balance can be used towards a future experience.


During the purchase process, the purchaser will be offered the option to either enter in any value of E-certificate, or to use the calculator to gage the price per person for certain experiences. 

When suggesting an E-certificate value to a customer looking to purchase an E-Certificate, You'll want to label your suggested price as the experience name, and then the corresponding ticket price inclusive of all taxes and fees. 

NOTE: You will need to manually name suggested prices, these really can be anything and are not directly correlated with your ticket types or experiences. 

STEP 1: 

Go to Global Event Management > E-certificates 

Select Settings Tab  > Add new Label by selecting "Add a Line" and a corresponding value per ticket or suggested price per person. 

If no values are added to the suggested prices section of E-certificate settings, then the purchaser will only be asked to type in a value amount. 


In the Main E-certificate tab, search by Purchaser, Email Address, Recipient Name. 

Select "Edit Ecert" in the menu item on the right hand side.

You'll be able to see the ecertificate code, purchaser, initial balance and current balance, email status, expiry date, and have the ability to change the balance. 

You will also have the ability to schedule a new delivery date. 


E-certificates that are purchased automatically default to not having an expiration date (i.e. Expiration date 2119). Ticket orders that are converted to E-certificates automatically default to expiring 1 year later. However, the expiration date standard can be adjusted under the E-Certificate tab in Global event Management. The change will only apply to new orders and any existing ecertificates need to be adjusted. 

If an ecertificate expiry date is set to more than 5 years in the future, or set as "No Expiry" then no expiry date will appear on the ecertificate itself.

Should you wish to notify guests that the e-certificate does not expire, this can be done in your Description. 


Click on the "Click here set/adjust" to alter the expiration dates that will apply across all E-certificates.


Select which option is applicable to your business. I.e. OPTION 2: # Of Years From Time of Purchase is typical.


Be sure to save.


When an order is refunded that was paid for using an E-certificate, the value used for that order will be returned to the original E-certificate so it can be used in the future (like a traditional gift card). When an order is refunded to an E-Certificate, (regular order > E-certificate to be used at a later date), new ticket fees and taxes will be applied to a new order. I.e. ticket fees and taxes are non-refundable and the ticket buyer will have to pay fees and taxes when they use the Gift Certificate to book another tour. 


E-certificates will charge a $2.00 ticketing fee + tax fee (tax is on the fee) for every purchase regardless of E-Certificate value. The $2 fee is charged to the purchaser. If there is value that remains after using an E-certificate, the remaining value will stay on that E-certificate code - and that same code can be used to purchase tickets in the future (similar to a Starbucks card).


If you collect sales tax in your region, sales tax is paid when the E-Certificate is redeemed, not when being purchased. 


Regular processing fees are charged to Partners when an E-Certificate is purchased. We do not charge the fee again when the E-certificate is redeemed. If a ticket buyer places an order using an E-Certificate that only covers a portion of the costs, the Partner will pay the processing fees on the portion not covered by the certificate. 


E-certs are only ever refundable if requested by a Partner. If a customer requests it, they are non-refundable and we do not go through any escalation steps. To refund an e-certificate at the request of a Partner, as long as it hasn't been redeemed or used and it hasn't been converted to an e-certificate, you can refund it using the "Refund" button in the booking.

NOTE: If an order was made in part with an E-certificate and in part with a credit card and a Partner requests a refund, only a full order refund will be provided as an option. The amount paid by e-cert will be put back on the e-cert and the amount paid by credit card will be issued back onto the credit card.


For further assistance please contact partnersupport@eztix.com or call EzTix Partner Support at talkdesk1-877-413-2488.