Thank your guests for attending your event or tour with a Post Event message sent one day after they've joined you.  It's a great way to connect one more time and encourage them to review you online.

  1. Click on Events in the main header.
  2. Locate the Event you'd like to create a post-event email for, and click Edit Template or Edit Manage in the menu to the right of the Template title or Event title. Please note that if you are running multiple sub-events under a main event, you have the ability to customize the post-event emails for each of the individual sub-events by following the procedure below for each one. Otherwise, simply edit the post-event email of the main event, and it will be applied to all associated sub-events.
  3. Click on Customization in the menu bar on the left of your work screen.
  4. Click the Messages Tab.
  5. Scroll down past the edit areas for your custom header, confirmation emails and reminder emails.  The fourth section allows you to edit your Post-Event Emails.
  6. Make sure the email is turned on using the "Send Post Event Email" check box.
  7. The second box allows you to specify to send only to guests checked in using the EzScanner or Scanner Hardware.
  8. In the Editing Panel, add any additional information you would like to be in the Post Event email.
  9. Click the Save Button.
  10. Click the link to "Send Test Post Event Email" to see what will be sent to your guests.
  11. Enter your email address in the dialogue box and click send.

If you're happy with the message you receive, you're all done.  If not, edit the email content in your editing panel as you see fit and repeat steps 10 to 12.