You may find yourself scrambling to email your guests or create content for the same weather alert, meeting/event location changes or announcements about dietary restrictions. 

The Canned Responses feature will allow you to create and store pre-formatted email content within EzTix, allowing you to quickly send out that alert email to your guests on the go! 

The Canned Responses feature will also allow you to send attachments to your guests as a whole as well as to individual guests. 

NOTE: You cannot use this feature to deploy marketing or promotional material to your guests. The Canned Responses feature should only be used to alert guests booked on your experience of changes or notices specific to that event. 



In Brief: 


1. Select the GLOBAL EVENT MANAGEMENT TAB at the top right hand side of your EzTix OCP screen.

2. Select the CANNED RESPONSES tab on the left hand side. 

3. Select ADD NEW CANNED RESPONSE button to create your new canned response. 

You will then be prompted to enter your subject line, your canned response email content (body of the email), and assign it to the templates it's applicable to. 



To add an attachment, drag attachment or click on "Drop file here to upload."

Once you've completed formatting your canned response, click Save Response




If you'd like to edit, preview, deactivate or delete your canned response, follow these steps. 

1. Select the GLOBAL EVENT MANAGEMENT tab at the top right hand side of your EzTix OCP screen

2. Select the CANNED RESPONSES tab on the left hand side. 

3. Locate the CANNED RESPONSE you would like to edit, and select Edit Response from the action menu items on the right hand side. 

You can then edit the content, remove or add attachments as needed. 

4. To Hide a Canned Response from appearing in your EMAIL GUESTS canned responses options, Select the Deactivate from the action menu items. 

To view inactive templates and reactivate, simple select the SHOW INACTIVE EYE ICON on the top right hand side. and your inactive canned responses will populate on the screen.  



Step By Step: 

1. Access a booking through BOOKINGS or select the email guests button in the Events> specific Event Date.

2.  Click the EMAIL GUESTS button in the BOOKING  pop up.

3. Once you've entered the EMAIL GUESTS section, select your email recipients.

This function will automatically assume you would like to send your email to all guests who have provided an email address. 

If you are emailing a guest from EVENTS, the email guests function will automatically send to all guests who have provided an email address. 

If you are sending a canned response or email from a BOOKING (MY BOOKINGS or Locating a booking through MY EVENTS) you can isolate the email deployment by clicking on a guest name to de-select email recipients that you would not like the email to be delivered to.

* Note, Guest Names outlined in green will be sent an email. 

4. Select the desired Canned Response 

Notice your predetermined canned response will populate in the text box below. You'll then have the option to edit the content of that canned response, add or remove any attachments. 

To edit, or upload attachments when sending your email/canned response, click the safety pin - which will prompt you to upload a file from your computer or remove an attachment. 

5. To send your canned response - click SEND 


NOTE: The email address that guests can respond to/will see emails coming from is determined under Global Events Management > Notifications, in the field "Reply To Email Address." This can be updated at any time and applies to all tour/event templates.