How will it help me? 

 - View all your bookings in one place with even more purchaser, guest and transaction data available at a single glance.

- Search and Filter your bookings to quickly isolate bookings by circumstance, source, event etc. 


 Each booking will come through the my bookings tab in real time.

A search field at the top of my bookings allows you to search for a guest by first and last name, email address, booking reference number, ticket number etc.  

The filter options will also allow you to further isolate a booking;





Filters Include: Today Only, Date Range, Source, Agent, Template, Type and Status. 

Event Organizers: My Events > My Bookings will replace your ticket search. From here you'll be able to search for your guests for a specific event. 

Select the filter/s, then use the Search field + GO to further sort and filter. 


A Bit More About MY BOOKINGS Search Filters;

Today Only - To view bookings made for today's experiences (event date, not sale date) to get a big picture of your sales. 

Date Range - Custom filter your bookings by date range (by event date, not sale date) 

Source - Select the Source filter and source type to view bookings made through one sales source. Eg. "Viator API". 

Agent - Select the Agent/User 

Selecting an agent will only apply if you are using the EzAgent feature and you want to isolate the bookings made by one specific agent or agency. 

Template - Filter your booking search by template (for tour operators) to isolate your bookings specifically for one product you offer. 

Type - This filter will allow you to isolate your bookings by type. eg. Tickets, E-certificates, Membership or Conference sales. 


Status - confirmed, on request, declined. 

Once you've selected a filter, type in your guest's details eg. email, transaction/booking number, last name etc and select GO to quickly locate a booking. Clear results by selecting "Clear" . 

Once you've filtered and/or searched for the booking, access booking details by simply viewing them on the screen in the booking list.

Notice each transaction that applies to those search and filter parameters will populate in the booking list below. 

Booking list details: 

Don't like the order of the booking list columns? Not a problem.

Hover your curser over the top of the booking list column and drag and drop the columns in the order that best suits you.

Once you've located a booking - click on that booking to make changes.