In brief: We are thrilled to announce yet another integration that will help you grow your business and simplify your growth strategy. Our new Survey Monkey integration will help you better understand your customer base and collect relevant data by automating custom curated post-event polls, that can be easily analyzed through the Survey Monkey system. 


Survey Monkey is a web based survey platform that allows you to create anything from a simple poll to detailed market research. It offers easy to use, customizable survey creation and tools to help you analyze the data from your polls/surveys.

The analytics system allows you to manipulate, sort and filter through data and produce charts, graphs and reports. The integration will allow you to instantly pull from your customer base and get the data you need in real time. 


  • Increase and diversify post event contact
  • Go paperless - get electronic feedback from your guests
  • Curate your tours and events based on your guest’s feedback
  • Produce detailed analytics
  • Better understand your customer base
  • Collect and consolidate data in REAL TIME


  1. Create Your Survey Monkey Account
  2. Create a Survey
  3. Authenticate
  4. Selecting Customers/Templates/Events
  5. Build/Copy Your Survey
  6. Synchronize!
  7. Manipulate Your New Survey/Customer Base
  8. Send Your Surveys


STEP 1: Create A Survey Monkey Account
a) If you already have a Survey Monkey account and have already created a survey/s, proceed to Step 3.
b) Go to Create Survey Monkey Account
c) Select the yellow GET STARTED or GET STARTED NOW button
d) Enter all necessary fields (Username, Password, Email etc)
e) Select Continue 
f) You have now successfully created a Survey Monkey Account. Depending on the size of the surveys you would like to create, you may want to consider paying for a Enterprise level account.

STEP 2: Create A Survey In Survey Monkey

a) You will then be prompted to create a survey. Use the Survey Monkey Survey builder to create your surveys eg. select the type of question, and drag it into the survey creator.
The Survey Monkey help centre will guide you through all your survey creation and reporting questions.Survey Monkey Help Centre

STEP 3: Grant EzTix Access to Your Survey Monkey Account
a)  Login to your EzTix Account
b) Select GLOBAL EVENT MANAGEMENT on your account.
c) Select the Survey Monkey tab on the left hand side of the screen.
Once you've selected the Survey Monkey tab, you will need to complete 3 steps.
d) Step 1) Select the Authenticate Now button to start the synch and grant EzTix Access to your account.
e) By selecting this button, you will automatically be brought to your Survey Monkey page, and it will require that you confirm the authorization.
d) Once you have selected the yellow Authorize button,  return to your EzTix account in the previous browser tab. Once access has been granted, you will see the Authentication Complete appear in that first field. This may take a moment.
e) Once the authentication is complete, proceed to the second step in the Survey Monkey tab on your EzTix account to Select your customers and template/event and the date range.

STEP 4: Selecting Customers
A list of your events/templates will populate in the step 2 field.  Select the events/templates for which you would like to send your customers a designated survey.

IMPORTANT: Once you've selected the group of customers from the template, you will be asked to select a date range for the event. The synch is NOT automatic. It will attach a group of customers associated with events/template and the date range that you select to a survey you have created.

NOTE: only guests who have subscribed to your mailing list during the purchase process will be added to the EzTix Survey Monkey list.

STEP 5: Build/Copy Your Survey
a) In Step 3, your will be able to select the survey to send to the customers you have just selected.
b) In the Survey To Copy dropdown menu, Select the survey (from the surveys you've already created in your Survey Monkey account) that you would like to have sent to the customers you have selected in Step 2.
c) You will now need to rename the survey. Why? The integration will recreate the survey with the customers you have selected . Eg. Name the Survey and add a tag that will allow you to identify the template or customer list and date range it is associated with.  Eg. FOODIETEMPLATEOctweek1
d) Once, you have created your new survey, a green "success" box will appear, confirming its creation.

STEP 6: Synchronize!
a) Your next step will be to synchronize the guest list to your Survey Monkey survey. Select theSTART SYNCHRONIZING NOW button to begin synchronizing your customers/guests to your Survey Monkey survey. Depending on the size of your customer base, it may take a few moments to complete the synchronization. Please be patient!

Once you have selected the customer base, selected the survey and the synchronization is complete, you can manually adjust the list of customers within Survey Monkey.

NOTE: The Synch is not continuous! It will only happen once. 

STEP 7: Manipulate Your New Survey/Survey Customer List
Once you've complete the Synchronization within EzTix, your work within EzTix is complete. You will now need to Login to Survey Monkey to adjust your survey and manually manipulate your customer list.

a) Login to your Survey Monkey account with your credentials.
b) Select the My Surveys tab. A list of all the surveys you have created will populate the screen.
c) Select the Collect Responses tab.  You should then see your EzTix Customer Sync (for the templates you have selected) appear on the list of Collectors.

d) You will then see three tabs, OVERVIEW, RECIPIENTS, OPTIONS. You can make adjustments to the list of recipients here. 

Again, Survey Monkey's Help Center is an excellent resource for questions you may have about their software.  Click here for Ways To Send Your Survey and here to manage your groups Manage Your Collectors/List

NOTE:  Only guests who have subscribed to your mailing list during the purchase process will be added to the EzTix Survey Monkey list. 

For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.