Complimentary Barcode creation is a tool used when creating a very large number of pre-printed complimentary tickets for an event. An example would be 500,000 free tickets being given out at a retail partner nation wide. Please note this is an Advanced Feature and assumes the user has thorough knowledge of EzTix. If you have any doubt, please contact EzTix Organizer Support.

In these scenarios, only a small fraction of the complimentary tickets distributed will be redeemed. Using this method, only the redeemed tickets scanned by the EzTix scanners will be created and tracked rather than bogging down your tracking with thousands of unused tickets.

Once your barcode ranges have been created using the process below, those barcodes can be provided to the printer of your choice and included on your hard tickets. Several barcode types are supported however, we recommend 2D Barcodes (QR Codes) as they are the most reliable for scanning.

Assumptions & Considerations

There are several assumptions when using Complimentary Barcodes.

  1. No specific user information will be collected. Users will be anonymous.
  2. Tickets must be complimentary.
  3. Actual preprinted tickets are being printed by a third party printing service. EzTix does not offer printing for hard tickets.

Setting Up Complimentary Barcodes

Please complete the following steps to create your complimentary barcodes. This tutorial assumes that you ave already created an event and are now ready to add tickets.

  1. Open the Ticket Types tab in your event and click Add Ticket Type.

  2. Select the ticket name, the total number of tickets (barcodes) you'll be creating, and set the price to 0. In the below example we are assuming we are creating 65000 tickets.
  3. Open the Advanced Option for the ticket by clicking SHOW.

  4. In advanced options, make sure you deselect the "Sell Online" and "Sell Onsite" options. This will ensure your regular customer do not issue themselves free tickets.
  5. Scroll down to the Complimentary Barcodes. Select the "Is Complimentary Barcode" option. Enter a start and end range for your complimentary barcodes.

    NOTE: You can use any numbers you like however, the following formatting restrictions apply.

    - The barcode number must be at least 10 digits long.
    - The barcode number must start with your account ID. This is a 4 or 5 digit number. If you are unsure of your account ID, please contact EzTix Organizer Support for assistance.
    - The range of numbers must equal the ticket limit you have assigned to this ticket. IE: if you are printing 65000 free tickets, the range should be 65000 number long.
    - The same ranges cannot be repeated in the same event.

  6. Once you have completed the barcode ranges click Save. Your complimentary barcodes are now ready to be used.

Redeeming Complimentary Barcodes

Once your complimentary barcodes have been created they can be redeemed (scanned) just like regular tickets. Each time a barcode is scanned, a ticket number will be generated and tracked in your event. Unredeemed complimentary barcodes will never have ticket numbers created and will not affect your scan reports or ratios.