In Brief:

Send guests an email regarding their upcoming event via the My Guests page.  Content of this email must be specific to their purchased tour in order to comply with international Spam laws.

Step By Step:

  1. Login to EzTix
  2. On the My Events view, click Edit/Manage in the right hand menu for your event or Sub-Event.

    Note: Emails to guests of an Event will go to guests of any Subevents as well.  To send communication to a specific Subevent's guest list, ensure you're clicking Edit/Manage on the Subevent listing in My Events.

  3. On the Bookings view, click on E-Mail Guests

  4. Enter the Subject and E-Mail content in the correct fields

  5. Click Next

    Please Note: Using this function for marketing or any purpose that is not directly related to the event your guests have purchased is in violation of international SPAM laws as well as EzTix Terms of Service.  Any misuse of this feature can carry heavy financial penalties and immediate closure of your EzTix Account.  For any questions regarding what may or may not constitute improper use of this feature, please email

  6. After checking your email preview for content and spelling accuracy, either click the Back button to make any edits or Send Email to deliver your message to your guests.

  7. All Done!