In Brief: If you have a repeating instance of an event, you may want to sell that event in a date selector dropdown menu, where guests can select which instance of the event they would like to attend. 

I.e. Selling tickets for a Musical, and that Musical has 7 performances, all of which have the same details capacity etc, but fall on different days. Instead of having the event description listed for each event on your Buy Tickets Page, you'll want to amalgamate each event date so the date selection process becomes simpler.  The event title will be the same, but your date selector will pull the different dates of the event. 

Enabling the Event Date Dropdown:


 Login to EzTix


  • Select  EVENTS tab from the main menu bar.
  • You will then be brought to a list of your events.  If your event is not already created, please follow the steps to create a new event HERE
  • Once your main event is created, you will want to duplicate that event. 


Select Duplicate from the right hand side menu link


  • You will then be brought to the duplication wizard where you will be asked to select the Frequency of the event. NOTE: the system will default to weekly. 
  • In most cases the selection should be "Custom", which will allow you to select each recurring event date on the calendar. 


  • Once you've selected Custom and hit "Next" you will be able to select your custom dates. 
  • Click on the calendar dates to select 1 or more duplicate events. 
  • As you select each calendar date, the dates will highlight in yellow and the dates will populate in summary form below the calendar. 
  • NOTE: you will be able to adjust start time on the next step as well as any exceptions to the dates.


  • Next Step is to Select the start time and end times. NOTE: if there is no specific end time of the event, select "Do Not Show End Time". 
  • Select "Exclude" if you have selected weekly occurrence for a long period of time and you want to exclude one ore more instances of the event from being duplicated. eg. one of your event duplications falls on a holiday 
  • Next step will have you create these events as live. We recommend selecting the first option, as CREATION status will leave you with more steps to complete in the future. If your ticket page is currently not being advertised or published publicly then there is no risk to a "live" event. 



Your producer page will now be ready with the dropdown menu of all those dates. Should you need to change the event title image, or details of each event, you can always do so by going back to EVENTS and selecting Edit/Manage link on the right hand side menu of each event to make any changes. 

How do I access the link to sell tickets?


Go to GLOBAL EVENT MANAGEMENT tab on the main menu bar. And select the event you wish to sell tickets to.


Scroll down to the ORGANIZER EVENT PAGE section and you will find a link below. Copy that link and share/embed on your website, in an email etc. to sell tickets to your guests.  


For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.