What is a Hard Ticket? 

A Hard Ticket is a hard copy physical ticket that certain events use instead of issuing e-tickets to their guests and managing their event's ticket process electronically. Hard Tickets can be used by the Partners of an event as a way of easily distributing comp tickets. 

What is the process when a Hard Ticket request is received?

We may receive a request that an Partner would like to use hard tickets to be issued to guests as well as e-tickets. 

1. Open a Freshdesk support request and put all the information for the request in a ticket - please assign it to the TIER 2 Onsite Services category.

2. Determine and include in the support request how many tickets are wanted, which ticket type the requester wants in hard ticket form and when the requester would like to be receiving the hard tickets. (Recommended 3-5 business days to complete - including shipping time)


3. Set up hard ticket printer & tickets (make sure there is enough needed). 

How to create a Hard Ticket in the EzTix System:

1. Go to the account in the OCP of the requester and find the correct event.

2. Depending on the request, go into the appropriate sub-event and then click on Ticket Types. 

a.) Click Add New Ticket Type (usually a duplicate name of an already created Ticket Type) the only except ion is that (Hard Tickets) is written beside the new Ticket Type name.

b.) Once you have created the new Ticket Type name , enter the price (again duplicated from the original ticket price) and the # Available is the number of requested tickets. 

c.) After the previous information has been entered, click on Advanced Options: Show

d.) Scroll down until you get to the option "Allow Ticket to be sold online?" and uncheck that option so it's turned off. 

4. In the EzTix system (top right section of page - beside where it says OCP), click Admin

a.) In the top right side of the Admin panel - go to Search Accounts and type in the account name that the hard tickets are being created for, then press GO. 

b.) Once you are in the appropriate account, the first section - Account Details.

Select Allow Hard Ticketing? checkbox (in the third subsection, near where the company phone number and URL is) - please click the box and then scroll down and press Save. 

5. Go back to the OCP back into the correct account. 

6. Once in the correct event, go to Ticket Types (left side menu) and select Ticket Types in the top section. There will be a drop down list of options for how the tickets can appear once they are sold. Select Hard Ticket and press Save. 

7. Time to sell yourself some tickets! In the top left section of your page, click on Sell Tickets.

8. Select the ticket type and sell yourself whatever number of tickets you want to print. Click Next and then you will see the order summary screen. At the bottom right side of the Order Summary, there is a small section that says "Ticket delivery method". Select Hard Ticket in the list of options. 

9. Once Hard Ticket is selected, you will notice the purchasing page change a bit. You will have to enter Billing Information. Enter the requesters event location as the billing information. Enter a fake email address. In Shipping Details, select "Same as billing address". Under Payment Information - select Cash and then press Process Payment. 

10. Once the tickets have been processed, a new tab will open automatically in the system when the system will prompt you to print out the tickets. 

You will also see a new tab appear in the left menu bar in the OCP called Ticket Print Queue (at very bottom of list).

11. If you don't already have the proper fonts on your computer - follow the steps in the Ticket Print Queue and download the fonts so the tickets will print properly. You will probably need to refresh the ticket printing tab to reflect the proper font. 

12. When you are going to print, make sure you select the correct BOCA printer -  BOCA SYSTEMS 46 300.      

a.) Press Print using system dialogue. 

b.) In the System Dialogue - again, make sure that BOCA SYSTEMS 46 300 is selected as the printer. Under Paper Size - in the drop down menu select the correct ticket size. The one that we currently use is 5.5x2in. Make sure that Landscape is selected as the Orientation (if it's Portrait - it will print incorrectly). 

13. Make sure all tickets have been printed successfully. 

14. Please go back into the Admin tab, select the event and then UN CLICK the "Allow Hard Tickets?" and press save. Go back into the event - Ticket Types - under Ticket Type and then select E-Ticket. Pretty much want to put everything back to how it was.

For further assistance please contact partnersupport@eztix.com or call us at 1-877-413-2488.