In brief: When creating/adding tickets for an event, event Partners may want to limit tickets per transaction to ensure one single ticket buyer is not "buying out" an event. 


1. Restriction settings occur at the ticket type level. 

2. Available for regular Event Partners only. 

3. Only available on regular ticket types, NOT when the ticket redemption is greater than 1. I.e. "group passes" are not eligible. 


Step by Step:

1. Login to your EzTix account. 

2. Select EVENTS tab

3. Select the Event that you would like to restrict tickets per transaction for. 

4. Select Ticket Types Tab on the left hand side of the screen. 

5. Scroll down to the list of ticket types and select Edit.

6. Scroll down to "Advanced Options" and select "Show". 

7. Scroll down to Max. number of these tickets per order. The system will automatically default to "unlimited". Should you want to restrict the number of tickets that a customer can purchase per transaction, select the number per transaction from the dropdown menu. eg. If you select "4", the customer will only be able to purchase 4 tickets per transaction.  (restrictions max out at 20 - anything above that is considered "unlimited".) * Not valid when ratio is larger than 1 ie group passes not eligible. 

8. Select Save at the top of the ticket type edit section.

For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.