In brief: Set up complimentary tickets on regular events and a new complimentary ticket category will be visible in your reports. This will allow you to offer complimentary tickets to your guests, and simplify post-event report consolidation. 


1) Adding Complimentary Tickets

2) Rules

3) Reporting 


Adding Complimentary Tickets

1. Login to EzTix account 

2. Proceed to the EVENTS tab

3. Select Edit/Manage in the actions menu on the right hand side of the event in question. 

4. Select the Ticket Types tab on the left hand side of the event edit details window.

5. Select the Add Ticket Type button. Proceed as you normally would when adding ticket types. Select the type of ticket title, sales time and date window, # available etc. 

6. ADMIN ONLY: Select Advanced Options --> Show and scroll down.
7. Select the checkbox under "Is a complimentary ticket?"

The following message will appear. Know that once you've selected save, you cannot undo the complimentary ticket option. You will have to delete the ticket type or create a new ticket type. 

8. Click Save! 

9.  Once you've saved these changes, you will now see the following "ON" box checked off. Again, you will not be able to undo this change. 

10. Once you have selected the "Is a complimentary ticket" you will notice that the ticket type price will be greyed out. 

You will also notice that from the OCP, under ticket types (but not visible in the kiosk) will be (COMP) beside the ticket type title. 


1.  The Complimentary ticket option can only be applied to regular events that are not associated with a template. 

2. Once you have selected "Is a complementary ticket" it cannot be undone. You will need to add another ticket type that is not complimentary and delete the complimentary ticket type.
3.  The complimentary ticket type WILL be visible in your kiosk. If you do not wish to make this visible, de-select "Sell Online" and Select "Sell Onsite" check boxes in the advanced ticket type settings.


Complimentary ticket sales will appear in a separate category in your sales reports and event status report. This will make it easier to differentiate the tickets sold at full price, with discounts, and those that were complimentary. The complimentary ticket category will also be clearly marked with (COMP) beside the ticket type title in these reports.

In addition, a very comprehensive report will now showcase your event's ticket sales as a whole (both comp, regular etc). When you access your sales reports you will see the following differentiated columns:

  • Available Online
  • Comp Ticket?
  • Public Tickets Available
  • Comp Ticket Capacity
  • Comp Tickets Available
  • Comp Tickets Sold
  • Total Ticket Capacity
  • Total Tickets Available
  • Total Tickets Sold 
  • % Sold 


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