About Offline Bookings

Offline bookings are used to track bookings that are made through 3rd party booking partners such as Viator, Travel Agents, Expedia or any other source outside the EzTix system. Add these purchases into EzTix to track the guest and sales associated with that partner.

Creating an Offline Booking

Complete the following steps to create an offline booking.

  1. Login to the EzTix using your credentials at https://www.eztix.co/eztix.php/login  You'll see the Calendar view.
  2. Find the date and time of the tour you'd like to add a booking to.  Click on the time to enter the Bookings view.
  3. Click on the "+ Offline Booking" button located on the right side.
  4. Fill out all required fields (marked with *) as well as any other additional details available for the guests.
    NOTE: A minimum of first name, last name, number of tickets and value of booking are required to create a booking.
    If your region has a sales tax, inputting the retail value of the tickets will correctly calculate the taxes associated with this booking for your records.
  5. Click the "Save Booking" button located below the "Questions for Buyers" section of the form.

Refund (Delete) an Offline Booking

Complete the following steps to delete an Offline Booking. NOTE: Offline Bookings that are refunded only cancel the booking- as funds collected were obtain outside of EzTix and therefore hold no monetary value.

  1. Locate the booking using the steps listed above to find a tour and enter the booking view.
  2. Click the Refund Offline Booking action button below the booking you’d like to refund or delete.
  3. Confirm if you’d like to select some or all tickets on the order.
  4. Click confirm and your booking will be refunded.

Send an Email Confirmation to an Offline Booking Guest

Automatic email confirmations are not automatically sent to Offline Bookings guests as an assumption is made that the guest has already received their confirmation from the sales partner who booked the guest. If you have a situation where a confirmation email is required, complete the following steps.

  1. Locate the booking booking within the applicable tour or event date.
  2. Click the ReSend link below the booking.
  3. Confirm the email address where the email should be sent and make and adjustments needed.
  4. Click Send

NOTE: The ReSend link will only appear on bookings where an email address was supplied when the booking was created.

Editing an Offline Booking

If an Offline Booking needs to be adjusted (in terms of tickets/date/value), then the booking must be refunded and recreated in order to make changes. If guest names, dietary restrictions or other buyer questions need to be edited, they can be edited without deleting.

Using Sources with Offline Bookings

Each time an Offline Booking is created, a source must be assigned to the booking. You can select an existing Source from the Source drop down list or create a new Source by entering it in the applicable field. Sources are used to track sales from the same partner or channel such as Viator, a Travel Agent, or anything else you’d like to track as a group. The Source of each booking is listed on your guest manifest (guest list). Bookings are grouped together on all sales reporting by Source so you can quick reference sales by sales channel or pull a custom sales report to better understand the volume of sales per channel for any period of time.

Offline Booking vs 100% Discount (Comp) Booking

Offline bookings are designed to enter bookings into EzTix that have been purchased through a third party sales channel such as Viator. In these cases, the guest has paid the third party and received their booking confirmation from that third party. When you receive notification from your sales partner, an Offline Booking can be created to track the booking so you don’t oversell an event or tour. 

NOTE: Offline booking DO NOT send confirmation emails to guests as it it assumed the guest has already received they confirmation from the sales channel where the booking was made. See below for instructions on how to manually send a booking confirmation when needed.

A 100% Discount (Comp) ticket should be used for friends, family or any other situation when you just want to give away tickets. Creating a booking using a 100% Discount code will treat the booking the same as any paid booking and the guest will receive a confirmation, reminder and post event email.


For further assistance please contact partnersupport@eztix.com or call us at 1-877-413-2488.