Can't Enter The App? 

  • If you're on an EzTix Scanner, the App should already be on the home screen.
  • If you still don't see it on your home screen, or are having trouble entering the app, you should be able to see the EzScanner App Update (make sure you swipe right, left). This will prompt any new updates and downloads. 
  • If you click on EzScanner Update App, it should run an update allowing you to enter the new and updated EzScanner app. 
  • If you select the EzScanner update and nothing happens. Follow these steps. 
  • Settings >  General >  Profiles > EzTix Event Ticketing > Trust
  • Then, go back to your home screen, and attempt to select the EzScanner update again, and you should be able to download a new version of the EzScanner App, which you should then be able to open and use to scan guests in. 

App Keeps Crashing?

  • If the App opens but closes immediately, preventing you from logging in with your credentials, then the App is out of date. Generally the EzScanner App will auto-update, however, in this situation a manual update will need to be preformed. 
  • To do this open up Safari and type this URL: into the browser. Click on Download/Update App. 
  • The newest version of the App is 1.2.10. 

Can't Connect to Data/WIFI? 

  • All EzTix Scanners need a wifi or data connection to work.
  • To connect your EzScanner to Wifi, simply to go Settings, WIFI, and select the appropriate network. You may be prompted to enter a password.
  • Data connection can be arranged if it is not available on your EzScanner.
  • You can also set up a hotspot on your phone or use any iPhone.
  • If you have issues with the scanner, you can also use any iPhone and download the EzTix app from the app store and use the camera function to scan guests in. 

Problems logging in?

  • Double check your credentials.  Your login will always be an email address, and your password is case sensitive.  Touch screens can be tricky, so type carefully.
  • Check your internet connection.  If you do not see the wifi indicator in the top bar, you may not be online.  Try opening a webpage to see if you're connected over a data network.  Otherwise, open Settings>Wi-Fi to connect to a wireless network in the area.  Most events have secured a wi-fi connection ahead of time.  Some wi-fi connections may appear strong, but the internet is still not accessible.  Public networks with a lot of traffic will often have this issue and we suggest finding another network to connect to.
  • If your event is using a cellular connection, double check to make sure that there is a cellular carrier listed at the top left corner, and that there are enough bars or dots to indicate signal strength.  You'll also want to ensure there is a "3G" or "LTE" listed beside the carrier.  If there isn't, you're not connected to a cellular service.
  • When in doubt, restart!  Hold down the button at the top of your iPhone, iPod or scanner until a "Slide to Power Off" appears.  Slide your finger across to shut the phone or ipod down.  Wait about ten seconds after the screen is completely dark, and press and hold the same button again until you see an Apple logo.  Allow the phone to boot up, open the app and try again.
  • App Update. Please see "App Keeps Crashing?" steps for a manual app update. For regular iPhone or iPod touch users using their personal devices, open the App Store and click on the Updates button to verify there may be a new version of the EzScanner App.  If so, download and install it.

Users on the EzTix Hardware will have to close the app by double tapping the home button and sliding the App's thumbnail away from them.  Now find the App Update link (usually next to the EzScanner app icon), and follow the instructions on the screen to load the latest version.

Tickets Won't Scan?

  • See above for troubleshooting your internet connection.
  • Set your Event.  Sometimes the event can be reset during the scanning process or switching back and forth between search screens, the scanning screen and the camera scanner.  Verify the name of your event in the bar above the manual entry field.  If it's incorrect or says "All Events", you'll need to press the change event button and find your event again.  See detailed instructions in step 2.
  • Set your Producer. If you are a winery participating in more than one program, you may have separate login credentials for each program OR you may not be in the correct Producer to see then set your Event and select your winery.
  • Laser scanner not working? The iPhone and the laser scanner case may have become unpaired. To re-pair devices for laser scanning press the clear button on the bottom of the laser case (it glows green when pressed/charging) and the scanning button on the right side of the device simultaneously. You will hear a beep to indicate that the devices have been paired. Test the scanning button on the right when in the app to see if the red laser appears. 
  • Scanner Battery Dead - Hardware Scanner Only.  If you don't see a red laser or a flashing red light when you're trying to scan tickets, your device likely needs to be recharged.  Cables have been sent with your device from EzTix.  Please allow a few hours for the device to recharge. 

App is Stuck while Authenticating

  • Start by closing the app completely.  Press the home button on your iPhone or iPod twice quickly.  You'll see a snapshot of your open and running apps.  Simply swipe the EzScanner app away from the home button to close it completely (ios7 and above).  Or tap and hold on the app icon until it starts to wiggle, then press the red "x" (ios6 and lower).  Find the EzScanner icon and tap it to reopen.
  • This is often accompanied by a loss of internet connection.  See above details for verifying you're online.

Laser Scanner case and iPhone not charging? / Laser Scanner Not Scanning

  • iOS devices that are paired with the laser scanner case may need to be reset, this can be done by pressing the clear button on the bottom of the laser case (it glows green when pressed/charging) and the scanning button on the right side of the device simultaneously. You will hear a beep to indicate that the devices have been paired. (This can only be done if the iPhone has a charge, if it is completely dead see bullet point 4).
  • You can also verify this by going into Settings > About > and see the LINEAPRO5 listed.
  • Resetting the paired devices can also assist with any scanning issues you may experience scanning with the red laser. I.e. If the laser scanner is not working, it is likely the devices have unpaired.
  • If the iPhone has no charge left, you will be unable to re-pair it with the laser case if it has become unpaired. The next step is to remove the outer case and the laser scanner case, and slide the iPhone out of the laser scanner device. Then proceed to charge the iPhone and scanner case separately. The iPhone is a snug fit and a good amount of pressure needs to be used to push down and slide up at the same time to get it out of the laser scanner case. Once the iPhone has a charge, it can be assembled again with the case and re-paired as outlined above.

Deleted App and unable to access App Store?

  • In the event that you have had issues with the App (I.e. App keeps crashing or stuck while authenticating) and you've deleted the app in an attempt to then re-download - you will need to follow the steps outlined under "App Keeps Crashing?" to re-download the app. 
  • EzScanners do not have access to the App Store. Personal devices that are using EzScanner can re-download the app through the App Store.

For any other issues with you may be experiencing with your scanner, please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.