In brief: Please follow the steps to properly set up your EzTix POS and Printer.   


You would have received a complete POS/Printer kit from EzTix. 

Make sure your kit includes the following items;

- 1 Epson Printer in Box

- 1 Epson power cable

- 1 POS/IPAD device

- 1 POS stand

- 1 POS charging cable



  1. Remove the Epson printer from the box and place on a clean, flat surface.
  2. Take the designated printer cable and plug it into the back of the printer. Connect the other end to a live power source.
  3. Turn the printer on (switch on the right side of the printer)
  4. Remove the POS/IPAD from the kit
  5. Place POS/IPAD on POS stand on a clean, flat surface, preferably right beside the printer.
  6. Take the designated POS/IPAD cable and insert into the opening at the bottom left of the POS/IPAD. Connect the other end of the cable to a live power source.
  7. Turn The POS/IPAD on by holding down on the button on the top right of the device for five seconds. 


  1. Once you’ve turned on the IPAD, you will see the home screen. Open the SettingsApplication >
  2. Select Bluetooth, the third item down
  3. Ensure that Bluetooth is switched on or enabled. You should see a green widget alongside the Bluetooth.
  4. Below that you will notice My Devices: select the Epson printer. It may take a few moments to connect.
  5. Once you have connected both devices, click the home button, the circular button on the centre/bottom face of the POS/IPAD.
  6. You will notice the EzTix Kiosk app in the dashboard/at the bottom of the screen. Select the EzTix app.
  7. Enter your credentials into the username and password fields

I.e. username: password: foodandwine2

If you don't know your username and password, please contact your account manager or 

  1. Once you have successfully entered the  EzTix app, select the Printer at the bottom right of the app.
  2. Once Printer has been selected from the bottom menu, click Epson on the top right on the choices.
  3. You will see the same printer name that you enabled earlier, select that name and then click the sell button at the bottom.


Your POS/IPAD and Epson Printer are now connected!



Check your WIFI connection

A strong Wifi connection is crucial to using the EZ Kiosk app as well as the Bluetooth paired Epson printer seamlessly. If the connection between the printer and POS drops repeatedly, it is likely due to a poor Wifi connection. Try moving your EZKiosk and printer to as close to your router as possible, or use a Wifi booster/amplifier to extend the Wifi range.


POS Transaction Timing Out

If you find that during your transaction you get an error indicating the transaction has timed out, the Bluetooth has unpaired your devices. To re-pair your device, follow the Step 3 instructions above. If you are still unable to pair the Bluetooth printer with the POS, close out the EZ Kiosk application, turn off and on the printer, and re-log into the app. Then follow Step 3 again. Your device should pair.


Reprint Transaction

You can only reprint the last transaction made by using the Reprint Tickets button in blue at the top right of your app.

For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.