In brief: EzScanner allows event gate staff check in your guests quickly and securely with their tickets.  As your guests arrive, scan the barcode on their ticket using the ticket scanner hardware supplied by EzTix, or using the EzScanner app available on the App Store.


  1. Login
  2. Select Your Event
  3. Scanning Tickets (Three Ways)
  4. Ticket Lookup (Checking Ticket Status)
  5. Selling Tickets
  6. Ticket Search (Find a lost Ticket Order)
  7. More - Tracking
  8. Troubleshooting

Before you begin, please download the app.  If you're on an EzTix Scanner, the App should already be on your home screen.


Your account credentials will be created and given to you by your company's account owner or administrator.  They consist of an email address and password.  Fill them into the correct fields on the login screen. 

Troubles logging in?  Contact your company's account administrator or call EzTix Organizer Support at 1-877-413-2488.



After logging in, you'll be taken directly to the scanning page.  Before you are able to scan any tickets, you'll need to tell the system what event's tickets you'll be checking.

Select the "Change Event" button near the bottom of the screen

Find and tap your current event on the list of events that will populate on the screen.


a) Scan With Camera - EzScanner App or with EzTix Ticket Scan Hardware

The easiest way to check in your guests is using the camera scanning function on your iPhone.

Touch the green "Camera Scan" button.

Your camera will activate immediately.  Now, aim the camera lens at the bar code on the ticket, it will adjust focus and scan the ticket.  

You do not need to tap the screen or any buttons as the camera software will look for the barcode itself.

You'll receive either a SUCCESS! message (Green Screen), telling you the ticket is valid or a FAIL alert (Red Screen).

b) Scan With Scanner - EzTix Scan Hardware Only (ONLY APPLICABLE TO iPHONE 5 SCANNERS)

If your event is renting the EzTix Scanner Hardware, the process is even easier.  After you've logged in and set your event, simply point the scanner at the barcode and press the thumb button on the right of the scanner when the screen is facing towards you. When you point the external scanner on to the ticket you will see a red & green laser.  

You'll hear a sound when the ticket is scanned, but remember that the FAIL or SUCCESS alerts come a second later after the ticket has been checked by the software.

Be sure not to rest your fingers on the screen when you're scanning tickets, as it's very easy to press buttons unintentionally.  Trust us... it happens ;)

c) Manual Entry

Sometimes glare, poor print quality or bright sun can interfere with the laser scanners or the camera app.  If you are unable scan tickets using the scanning methods mentioned above, you can also manually enter the ticket number. 

Select the blue "Enter Ticket ID" button on your screen or tap the ticket number in the text field above it.  A numerical keypad will display below and allow you to type in the ticket ID.

After entering the number, press the blue "Enter Ticket ID" button again and wait for the FAIL or SUCCESS to verify the authenticity of the ticket.


Ticket Lookup allows you to check the status of a ticket, information about the order, guest and pricing.

Press the "Lookup" Button in the menu at the bottom of the screen.

While the difference is subtle, you are now on the Lookup page.  It's very similar to the Scan page.

Scan the ticket or enter it manually using the same methods we described above (Camera Scan, Hardware Scan, Manual Entry).

You're now on the Ticket View Page. Press Continue when you are finished.


By clicking on Sell, you are able to sell tickets that you, the organizer want to sell at the door. 

How to Sell a Ticket:

In the menu, click on the ticket type the guest wants to purchase and you can either type in the amount or press + or -. 

Once you have selected the amount of tickets the guest would like to purchase, select the pay method. 


If you chose CASH without receipt, you will see this screen:


If you chose CREDIT, you will see this screen: 

Swipe the credit card with the stripe facing up to auto fill the above fields.

However you or the guest decide to purchase the tickets, please click the green Complete Transaction button. 

Once you press the Complete Transaction button, you will be sent to this page:

The guest, using their finger is able to write their signature and then you press Confirm (top right side of screen). Once Confirm has been pressed, you will see this screen next:

 Press Continue and the system will complete the full transaction. 

 You have now successfully sold tickets to your event! 


Guests may have lost their tickets or are unable to find it on their smartphone. To help retrieve an order, press the Search button at the bottom of your screen.

Welcome to the Ticket Search Page. 

 You can then type in a ticket number or guest name to help track down the ticket.

Scroll through the search results until you see the guest you're helping.  To check them in, simply press the "Check In" button beside their name.  This cannot be undone.

If they're already checked in, the button will not be visible.



a) Tracking

Tracking is a great way to get a sense redemption rate, or how many people were let in the door. PLEASE NOTE: Tracking is a good way to get a general sense of the amount of people in the event. Please pull a report within EzTix to get the exact and most accurate numbers after your event. 

b) Logout

This one's pretty easy... tap More then logout button in the bottom right corner of the app. :)

Please see Solutions article Troubleshooting with the EzTix Scanner for issues on: logging in, connecting to wifi/date, ticket scanning, app stuck in authentication mode and charging scanners. 

For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.