We have given you the ability to control your TripAdvisor information on your site. This is to protect you against contested bad reviews impacting your website without you being able to control them. 

1. Log into your website's Admin area (WordPress)

2. Click on the "Global" tab in the left column

3. Choose the "TripAdvisor" tab

4. Checking the box under "TripAdvisor Section" allows this TripAdvisor information to display on your site. 

5. TripAdvisor "Star Rating". This is a dropdown option.

6. "Number of Reviews" is a numerical field where you enter the total number of reviews you have received on TripAdvisor. 

7. "Lead Text" is the message you want to accommodate this section. Typically, we see this in the form of "#1 of 50 Food Tours in Toronto".

8. "Your TripAdvisor URL" need to be the full URL for your TripAdvisor account.