Below are instructions on how to edit images you want to add to your EzSite.

1. From any image area in the Admin area, click "Add Image" or hover over the image in place and click on the pencil icon to Edit.

2. When you click on "Add Image", you can select an image in your Library or "Upload File".

3. Choose your image and on the right side, under "Attachment Details", click on "Crop Image". 

4. You will now see a box with your image and four different tabs across the top: 

5. Each tab represents a different size that your website needs an image to display. You may not need each image available in every size, but we highly recommend you go through each tab and adjust the cropping of the image. This will prevent any odd image settings if you choose this image for a different area of your site going forward. You can not adjust the size of the boxes, they are set to meet the "Target picture dimensions" labeled below the image.

6. When you adjust an image on each tab, be sure to scroll down and click the green "Crop It" button. You must do this on every tab.

7. When you have made your adjustments across all the tabs and clicked "Crop it" on each tab, you can click the "x" at the top right of the box.

8. Your image is now ready to look great across your entire site!