A "Give", Don't "Ask" Approach to Your Marketing

We've all grown to hate being on email lists because they're poorly put together. We find ourselves on the receiving end of too many emails, promotions that aren't applicable to us, and an inconsistent release schedule. 

They're overused by companies because they recognize one, overwhelming principle — that email newsletters are one of the the best forms of marketing. Unlike other forms of advertising, email marketing gives you direct access to your guest's inbox. 

Let's think about what that means for a second. Direct access to a potential, or paying guest's, screen. You get direct access to:

• Incentivize potential guests to buy tickets

• Nurture a past guest to give you a great referral

The 80/20 Principle

To do this, you need to tell someone WHY they want to sign up on your mailing list. Which, means you need to understand why they would want to.

If there's one thing we can all agree on from receiving emails, it's that nobody likes to be "sold to" all the time. Promotion after promotion after promotion...UGH! 

Using the 80/20 principle, we want to focus 80% of your email communication on "providing value". This means sending something your ideal guest would want to read.

Earlier in Bootcamp we stepped through some questions to identify your target guest. I talked about how important it is to know who you're selling to. 

THIS is exactly why. 

You need to really know your customer in order to market to them effectively. 

So, with 80% of your email communication focused on value, the other 20% is then focused on sending your own promotions. Notices about Gift Cards, an upcoming event, a coupon code, etc. 

Explaining Why

On your EzSite is an area for people to join your mailing list. For the text here, we don't just want to say "Sign Up for Our Mailing List". This is a terrible practice that will lead to very few people actually signing up.

Instead, you want to tell someone WHY they want to sign up. To answer their question of "what's in it for me?"

Please format this like the others with reading time, and then however we show exercises



Answer the following questions:

1) Why do I want to sign up for your mailing list?

2) How often can I expect to receive your newsletter? (note: we suggest once per month)

3) What are 3 things you're going to send me, that I (your ideal guest) would care about, in your newsletter each month?