In brief: This article will outline how to open a waitlist on an event, add a customer to that waitlist, create maximum numbers of tickets available for a waitlist, release tickets from an open waitlist, and close a waitlist.

Step 1: Accessing the Waitlist

  • Log in to EzTix.
  • Click on Events.
  • Click Edit/Manage beside the respective sub-event in which a waitlist is required.

  • Select the Waitlist tab on the left side.
  • Notice that the waitlist is closed for all ticket types available for this event.
  • I.e.

Step 2: Open a Waitlist

  • Click on the green plus sign next to the ticket type waitlist you wish to open.
  • Select Open List.

  • Your waitlist will now appear open.

Step 3: Create Wait List Size

  • If you wish to have a maximum number of entries into a wait list, click into List Size, enter the maximum amount of entries your waitlist will accept and save.

Step 4: Add Person To List

  • By selecting the Add Person to List button you can manually add a customer to the waitlist.
  • I.e.

Step 5: Release Tickets

  • If tickets become available you can select Release Tickets to make them available on the ticket page.
  • However, the guest on the waitlist should be contacted at the time in which you release tickets in order to process their order as releasing tickets make them available to any customer looking to purchase them.
  • Once a customer on the waitlist has been sold a ticket you can remove them from the waitlist by selecting Remove.

Step 6: Closing the Waitlist

  • To make the waitlist unavailable for customer to sign up for, simply select Close List.

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