The new EzSites v5.0 includes some really great improvements to the system. Click on the video below for a quick overview and/or scroll below to read the full list of updates.

NEW! EzSites v5.0 from EzTix on Vimeo.

The Purpose of Your EzSite is to Sell Tickets

This update stands as our largest update to date. While some things have changed, we’re here to help. If you have any confusion with the changes below, feel free to email me directly and I’d be more than happy to step through things with you: 

Unlike any other website, your EzSite is under a constant stream of improvement aimed at helping you to sell more tickets. As we learn more about how ticket buyers interact with your site, there are new things we need to change. There may be areas we phase out over time, there may also be new areas we add.

If you think of your website as a digital salesperson — it still requires your attention, same as an employee would. You may need to check-in every few months, but those check-ins should help to keep your salesperson selling as many tickets as they can. Below you’ll find a list of updates included with your new EzSite 5.0. Also, click over to our library of videos on how to begin using these updates: Additional EzSites v5.0 Videos

Design + Font Update

Instead of having 2 completely separate designs, your new EzSite is equipped with different options. We’ll continue to add more options over time, but as of today, you can login and choose from 3 different home page areas, 2 different tour area setups, and 3 different testimonial styles. We’ve additionally made smaller design updates to fonts, some spacing, and a newly redesigned footer.  

Admin Area

The admin area of your EzSite has been redesigned with simplicity in mind. You’ll notice some new areas on the dashboard when you login. We will continue to use these new areas to communicate new releases, and updates to your EzSite. If you have any problems navigating the new admin area, please do not hesitate to email us at

Multi Language

You can now create a separate version of your website in another language. While the admin area remains in English, what people read when visiting your site is now fully customizable. If you’re interested in creating a multi-language site, please contact

Additional new features to your EzSites system:

  • Improvements to your mobile logo including the ability to add a specific logo to mobile and adjust the height to this view.
  • Script area on Press page allowing for TripAdvisor widget codes.
  • Captions added for your tour galleries.
  • "Private Tour Form" button in the sidebar of the Private Tour Page, replacing the separate "Plan My Tour" page.
  • All form submissions are now viewable within your admin area, go to "Forms" > "Submissions".
  • Updates to the mobile view of your logo have been made. You can now select a separate logo for this area (horizontal layout suggested). Your logo will also shrink down on mobile taking up less space.
  • Desktop logo is now aligned to the left.
  • Bug fixed that would not allow images taken with a phone to be rotated.
  • Font update implemented site-wide.
  • Event listing bumped up into the product listing section of your home page.
  • Private Tour box added to the product listing of your home page.
  • All social media links open to a new browser tab.
  • FAQ page Headings and sidebar content moved from "FAQ Settings" to "Pages" > "FAQs".
  • Updated footer design.
  • Support request form on your EzSites dashboard.
  • New home page promo allowing for multiple features - designed to give gift certificates a more prominent place on your home page.