We are thrilled to announce the new booking process is available as a BETA product. EzBook is a new minimalist, sleek version of the current booking platform, by which guests purchase tickets for your experiences. 

How is EzBook Different? 
You will see several changes in the booking process, all committed to changing the way your guests book their experiences.

  • The template description that currently displays in the Integrated Sales Process will be retired. Instead it will be updated with a shorter description in the templates "EzBook Description" limited to 140 characters.
  • A Featured Image will now be added to the booking process. Update your template image in each of your templates.

  • We will no longer be collecting the customer's billing address.  Tracking by location for marketing purposes will still be available by IP address.
  • Only required buyer questions will appear during the purchase process. All required questions should be made "required". Optional questions will be something collected after the purchase process. 

If you are interested in participating in the EzBook Beta, Please reach out to partnersupport@eztix.com with your intent and ensure you've filled out the following survey.