In brief: This article outlines the basics on how to create ticket passes. Please note that ticket passes are limited to Event Partners. A ticket pass allows you to group your tickets together into one pass for a new price. 

Step 1: Create Ticket Types

  • Prior to creating ticket passes, please review How to Create a New Ticket Type as the ticket types to be included on the pass should be created first.
  • It is also advised to create a sub-event for the Ticket Pass itself to track sales. I.e. The sub-event below is Shakespeare Pass and the pass type is also called is Shakespeare Pass.

  • If you wish to track sales separately it is advised to create a unique Ticket Type for the passes (i.e. Pass Holders, VIP Pass, etc). Ensure that the ticket value for these Ticket Types is set to $0.00, and is also not available for sale online (to avoid customers selecting a $0.00 ticket):

Step 2: Add A Ticket Pass

  • In EzTix > Events > Edit/Manage > Ticket Types you will find the option to Add Ticket Pass just below the option to Add Ticket Type.
  • Select Add Ticket Pass and complete the following asterisk fields.  Hide included tickets?Note: if you want to hide your ticket types included on the pass from appearing on the e-tickets and receipt guests receive select
  • Further, if selected, the EzPass option will create a single ticket to scan for all of the included tickets. If used, your guests will receive a SINGLE BARCODE that can be used for entry at each of the included events, rather than a unique ticket issued for each.

Step 3: Manage Tickets on Pass

  • Once the pass has been created and saved, the screen will need to be refreshed to see the new Ticket Pass listed. 

  • Click on Manage tickets on pass to add the tickets that will be included with the pass. All tickets within the main event including sub-events will be an option to select and add to the pass, so be sure to add a unique ticket type to each included event if you wish to track sales separately (i.e. General Admission vs. Pass Holders)

  • When a Pass is sold, an individual ticket for each of the included events will be issued.

  • Note: If one ticket type that is included on a pass sells out for an event, the entire pass will appear sold out. 

  • Locate the desired ticket type under the sub-event that you wish to include on the pass, and check the "On Pass"box, and click Save. This will include all selected events on the pass:

Optional Groupings

  • Optional Groupings allow you to group tickets into drop down lists that will appear on the ticketing page for customers to select. This option can be utilized when more than one event is being offered at the same time for example, and customers will have to choose between one of a few options.
  • Locate the desired ticket type under the sub-event that you wish to include on the pass, and check the "On Pass" and "Optional" box, and click Save. This allow for the ticket buyer to choose one (1) of available ticket types:
  • If there are multiple events for which the ticket buyer must select a specific amount of sessions, tickets can be placed in multiple groups, and separated with a comma. For example, in previous examples, the Shakespeare Pass has had 3 available ticket options: King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, and Twelfth Night. If there are only 3 sessions included in the pass, however there are 6 ticket options, separating by comma allows the ticket buyer to select 3 of the 6 options, 1 for each session:

* One ticket must be selected from a list of any optional tickets on the pass.

** If the ticket is optional, this can be used to separate into different drop downs allowing one from each group. Tickets can be placed in multiple groups, separate with a comma.

*** Optional tickets can not be added if pass has 'hide included tickets' set.