Within your EzSites system, you are provided with a number of pre-made page templates (Home page, Single Tour page, About page, Contact page, etc.). You also have the ability to create your own page if you have content that doesn't seem to fit into one of these pre-made page templates. It's called an internal page template. View a demo version of this page HERE.

How to create your own internal page:

  1. Request an internal page template from your EzTix support team. If you have a page name in mind, please provide this in your request as well. Your page name can be changed at anytime.
  2. When you've received confirmation that the page is now available on your EzSite, login to your EzSites admin area.
  3. Click on "Pages" in the left sidebar.
  4. Look for the new page name in your list of available pages and click on the new page.
  5. To start, click the green "Add Layout" button 
  6. You will be presented with four options: Full Width, Halves, Thirds, Separator. You can see examples of each of these layouts HERE
  7. When you choose a layout for your first content row, you will be taken into the familiar tab system that is used throughout your other pages. This is a view of the "Thirds" option: 
  8. Be sure to check the Padding box as this will give each section a bit of spacing above.
  9. Within each column option, you will see a green "Add Section" button which will allow you to choose an Image or Content. 

You have the ability to add multiple layouts on the page and multiple sections within each layout. If you have any questions or need assistance with this setup, please submit a support ticket at support@eztix.com.