1. Select the IMAGE GALLERY from the left side menu:

**NOTE: If you do not see this option in your left side menu, please send your image to partnersupport@eztix.com and we will be happy to upload for you!

2. When the gallery loads, you can click the ADD NEW button on the top right:

TIP: You can also simply drag an image from your desktop into the grid of existing images!

3. Once the image has finished uploading, immediately click on it to open the image editor:

4. From here, be sure to click on the CROP IMAGE button just below the image. From here, you will see a screen with multiple tabs appear: 

5. Each tab (Team, General Image, Tour Gallery, etc.) represents a different section on your site where this image may appear. It is important to adjust the sizing for each section to ensure this image will look great across the site!

6. Keep your eye on the NEW IMAGE section to see how the cropped image will appear in this section of your site. Once you have adjusted the frame to your liking, click the CROP IT! button to enable the changes. *NOTE if the image is smaller than the recommended dimensions for that section of the site, it will be stretched automatically to fit the space!

7. Continue this process through the various tabs. Once all tabs are complete, click the X button to close the editor.

8. Your image is now ready to go!