Follow these steps to add a new Experience to your EzSite:

1. Login to your EzSites using your username and password

2. Click the TOURS button on the left side menu to access the Tour Directory:

3. You should now see a full list of all products currently offered on your site:

4. Click the ADD TOUR button at the top right:

5. Toggle through the provided sections and enter the information associated with this Tour. Be sure to check all sections to ensure that no essential information is left out!

6. When ready, click PUBLISH to add this experience to your site. 

**NOTE: if you are not yet ready to display this product to your guests, you can click SAVE DRAFT to lock in your changes and have them ready to publish at a later date.

7. Integrate EzTix!

Now that your new experience is listed on your site, you want to ensure your guests can book tickets! Simply send a request to to let us know that you are ready to integrate your new experience, and we will ensure that is taken care of right away!