This article refers to the primary image that makes up the background of your Home Page:

1. Login to the Admin Area of your EzSite and click on the PAGES section from the left side menu:

2. Scroll through the list until you locate the HOME PAGE listing:

3. Click on this page, scroll down the BACKGROUND IMAGE section, 

4a. To EDIT this image, click on the PENCIL ICON to edit the image:

You will then be presented with a variety of settings. Make any required updates and click UPDATE to save.

4b. To REPLACE this image, click on the RED X ICON to remove it. 

- You will then be presented with the option to ADD IMAGE. Click this to access the Image Gallery:

- The IMAGE GALLERY should now be open with the available images. Simply click on the desired image and click SELECT to add it to the Homepage. 

**NOTE: Any images that are GREYED OUT in this view are not of the suitable size for the Background Image area. A new version of these images will need to be uploaded before they can be enabled for the homepage background: