In order to release tickets placed on hold for an assigned seating event, you must follow these steps. 

1. Login to your EzTix Account. 

2. Select "EVENTS"

3. Locate the event that you'd like to release tickets on hold for. 

4. On the right hand side menu, select "Sell Seats"

5. You will then be presented with the assigned seating map. Select the seat/s on hold (they should be indicated as on hold usually a color that's shown in the legend).

The Colour Change, in this case red, will indicate you have selected the seat.

6. then select "release seat hold" to release the seats from hold. The map will then refresh with the seats now available for sale to the public.

In order to Add a ticket/seat to hold status, simply select an available seat again and select the "Place seat on hold" button that appears on the left hand side under "Producer Controls".