In our last EzSites update, we invested time into page speed improvements. We installed new plugins designed to assist your EzSite in loading quicker. We are still monitoring these updates, but our tests are showing that sites are loading 25% faster. 

What does image optimization mean?

Optimizing an image works by removing all the unnecessary data that is saved within the image to reduce the file size based on where it is being used in your EzSite. This will also re-generate your images to the sizes necessary. We don't need to load a 7500px x 3500px, highest-quality image for an area designed to be 900px x 500px. Re-generation of your images produce only the exact image sizes needed for your EzSite. 

What can I do to improve my image loading time?

1. Edit your photo size to what is needed for your EzSite - see our video for a guide on Editing a Photo Using PicMonkey

2. Only upload images with .jpg file types. (PNGs should only be used for logos)

3. Be sure to optimize your images when adding them to your EzSite, instructions below:

  • When you add a new image to your EzSite, be sure to click the "Edit Image" icon or text. 
  • A box will appear with your image information. At the bottom of this box, CLICK the green button that says "Optimize". 
  • You will see a winding circle as the image is being worked on by the system. (PLEASE NOTE - some times with really large images, you may need to refresh your browser to complete this action
  • When the image optimization is complete, you will see this information in the bottom of the image box. 
  • CLICK the green "Update" button to save this change.