In Brief; There is more and more pressure to be flexible in the culinary experiences you offer to your guests and to ensure you are staying current and accommodating dietary restrictions for your guests. That being said, there can be ever changing trends on what allergies are occurring and it is important to collect and understand information about dietary restrictions from your guests in a clear and standardized way. 

This feature will allow for you to collect information as a whole for each of your tours, as well as see individually which guests require which dietary restriction. 

About Dietary Alerts;

Enabling Dietary Alerts on your experiences will allow you to collect and store each of your guest's dietary restrictions in your event details. This will also allow you to avoid the potential confusion presented with offering an open field for guests to write their preferences, and then not being able to accommodate them. Once you collect standardized dietary restriction information from your guests the EzTix system displays the total number of guests, what (if any) dietary restrictions they may have, and a calculated total of this information on each experience. 

Steps to Collecting Dietary Restrictions from your guests; 

To enable the dietary alerts see the article HERE


How does it display in EzBook Booking Process? What Do your Guests See? 

When your guest is in the booking process, they will first be asked "Does anyone in your group have any food allergies?"

If the guest selects one of the guests names, they will be presented with a list of all the dietary restrictions that you can accommodate on that experience, as selected when setting up the dietary alerts. 

Should you want to give guests the option to explain or elaborate on a dietary restriction, you will need to add a buyer question to the checkout process. Eg. "Please let us know if there is anything else you would like us to know about your dietary restrictions. If this does not apply please type N/A". 

Once the information is collected by guest, it will display on the guest's confirmation email, as well as an amalgamated addition of all guests and their dietary restrictions for that event. 

Where will the dietary restrictions information display in EzTix? 

1. EzTix Manifest

Events > Edit/Manage desired event > My Bookings 

This will appear within the centre of the manifest as a collect of all of the dietary alerts for that day.

If you scroll down to the booking summary, the Dietary Restrictions will display below each guest name on the manifest. 

2. Individual Booking Transaction

Navigate to the Bookings tab > Search Booking > Click Booking to view 

Dietary Restrictions selected will display below each guest name on the individual tickets.

3. Printed Guest List

Any selected dietary restriction will display under the ticket summary, with dietary restriction totals for the event. 

Dietary Restrictions will display below each guest name. 


A summary of the dietary restrictions will be available in the "Tickets Sold" emails, and will be emailed as a summary to the tour guide. 

What information will display in the email? 

Dietary Alerts:

Restriction x Guest Number 

Here is an example; 

Vegan x 2 Guests

Defining Dietary Restrictions; 

Please use this as a guide to determine which dietary restrictions you can prove within your dietary alerts. 

No Alcohol Guest does not consume alcohol. No Beer, Wine, Cider, Sake, Spirits or beverage or food item that contains alcohol.  
No Beef Guest does not consume Beef (cooked or raw). Cow Meet, Ground Beef, Meat by products
No Dairy
Guest cannot consume dairy products. This includes Milk, Cheese, Cream.  Dairy derivatives like Whey and Casein may be included 
No Fish
Guest cannot consume fish. This does not include shellfish. 
Gluten Free
Guest cannot consume gluten. This includes breads, pastas, couscous containing gluten as well as certain sauces that contain gluten.
Guests will only consume food permissible by traditional islamic law. This refers often to the way the meat is prepared. 
Guests will only consume food permissible by traditional jewish culture.

No Nuts
Guest cannot eat nuts (peanuts, cashews, pine nuts, pistachios, etc) . 
Guest will eat fish, eggs, shellfish but no meat or poultry. 
No Pork
Guest cannot consume pork or pork by product. This includes Pork chops, bacon, bacon fat, pig fat, 
No Poultry
Guest does not eat poultry. Chicken, Turkey, Cornish Hens, Or any "bird" or biproduct. 
No Seafood
Guest does not consume any seafood. This includes fish, shellfish . 
Shellfish Allergy
Guest can consume fish but no shellfish. Shellfish includes clams, oysters, lobster, scallops. 
Guest will not consume any animal products. This includes meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy or products containing animal biproducts. 
Guest does not consume any meat, poultry or fish or animal broths/fat. The guest can consume eggs, cheese, milk products. 
Wheat Free Guest does not consume wheat. This is not to be confused with gluten.