In Brief; 

Once you collect standardized Dietary Restriction information from your guests in the booking process, you will receive an amalgamated summary of the selected restrictions, by guest. 

Where will the dietary restrictions information display in EzTix? 

 EzTix Manifest

Select Events > Individual Event Event > My Bookings tab

On your individual experience, you will see a summary of the dietary restriction information collected during the booking process, by guest. 

EzTix Bookings Summary 

Scroll down to see each individual booking and you'll see the Dietary Restrictions displayed below each guest name. 

 Individual Booking Transaction

Within the Bookings tab > Search and locate the  Booking > Click Booking. 

Dietary Restrictions will display below each guest name within the Booking itself. 

Printed Guest List

Any selected Dietary restriction will display under the ticket summary, with dietary restriction totals for the event. 

Dietary Restrictions will display below each guest name. This information is now easily translated and summarized should you need to share the information 

Sales Report 

View your guest's dietary information in any sales report. 

Navigate to Global Event Management > Sales and Reports > Sales Report

Select Build report and select "Guest Info" as a report field; 

A new column will appear in the sales report outlining guest name, ticket type and dietary restrictions for that transaction. 


Guests may either need to change or update their dietary restriction information. 

To edit this information, simply navigate to the Bookings View on an Experience or through BOOKINGS tab.  

Once you have selected the booking,  Select Edit above "Tickets and Guest Information" on the booking. 

 Select or Deselect the New Dietary Restriction Information and click save. The updated information will display on the booking, the manifest and anywhere else the dietary restrictions are summarized.