For those currently on EzSites v5.0 and higher, you will begin to receive monthly Google Analytics reports. These will be a set of standardized reports intended to show you what type of visitors you are attracting and how they're getting to your site. This information is critical in determining where your marketing time and money should be placed. You will receive these reports in the first two weeks of every month beginning in November 2017. Below is a list of the reports you can expect to see:

  • Your Traffic Acquisition Report will show you how visitors are accessing your site, generally via Referral, Directly, or Organic Search.
  • A Content Efficiency Report will help measure how engaging your content is. Are visitors coming across your blogs and staying on your site or are they leaving?
  • The Keyword Analysis Report will show what keywords are being used to access your site. Use this data to figure out what keywords are working best for you, how many of them are actually contributing to your goals and what keywords you need to optimize for in the future.
  • A Landing Pages Report will show what page visitors are using to access your EzSite. Based on data from this report, you can figure out how users are interacting with your site. 
  • Top Ten Pages will detail the most popular pages on your EzSite and help determine where you need to focus your sales content.
  • In an effort to better how users interact on different devices, we will be generating a Mobile Performance Report. 
  • Your Traffic Source Report will show where referrals are coming from. You could use this to determine whether a directory listing is worth the cost, or if your paid advertising is lucrative.

As with all EzSites features we will continue to research these reports and determine their value and if any additional reports are critical to include in your monthly Analytics update. We encourage you to ask any questions or send us feedback to