In Brief; The EzTix System app is a simplified version of EzTix from an Experience Operator's perspective. All permission levels (Admin to Tour Guide) respect the same rules in terms of access, and the app includes features that are key in running experiences. 

EzTix App Features:


The dashboard is the landing page for Admin and Owners of the account and gives them access to sales statistics, next five experiences, 5 most recent bookings, 

and shortcut to recently published newsfeed articles. 

What can be done on the dashboard? 

- View high level sales statistics by Day, Month and Year (specifying the date ranges for each) in real time

- Display recent bookings, and access to all bookings

- Display the next five experiences coming up, and access to all experiences

- Allow shortcuts to access recent experience bookings, upcoming events and recently posted Newsfeed articles. 

- Access the menu (hamburger menu at the bottom of the screen). 


The Events List will allow you to access a list of all upcoming and past events, as well as jump to a date on the calendar. 

Each individual Event or experience will also house it's respective bookings. 

What can be done in Events?


- Access All Bookings on an Experience

- View List of All Public Events 

- View Pending Events and change events from Pending to Live. 

- Jump to a date in the Future/Past using the Calendar icon widget

- View an Individual Experience

- Assign a Tour Guide to An Experience 

- Edit Sales Cutoff Time for an Experience

- Checkin Guests

- Access the menu

-Email Guests

-View Summary of Dietary Restrictions


The Bookings section of the app will take you to all transactions or guest bookings. 

What Can Be Done in Bookings?

- Open and View All Upcoming Bookings (most recently booked will appear at the top of the list). To view, simply select the booking

- Search all bookings by last name, first name, email, transaction number, ticket number 

- Edit guest details (name, email) 

- Edit booking notes

- Check in Guests

- Access the menu

- Email Guests

-View summary of Dietary Restrictions


What Cannot Be Done; 

- Refunds

- Date Exchanges


The Newsfeed will display newsfeed articles, from most recently published, to earlier archived articles. 

The Newsfeed is an alert system for updates, changes, system alerts, new features and webinar reminders. 

What can be done in the Newsfeed?

- View List of Recent Newsfeed articles

- Open and View Recent News articles 

- Access the menu