In Brief: The EzTix App will allow all Account Users the ability to easily access bookings and check in guests on their experiences.  The check in process also allows for bulk check in capabilities (all guests on a booking at once) as well as individual guest check in. 

Check in Individual Guests from Dashboard: 

Once logged in, if you are an Admin, Manager, or Owner of the Account, you will be presented with the Dashboard. 

You can scroll down and view LATEST FIVE BOOKINGS and tap on the booking to view. 

NOTE: the grey dots below each section will allow you to scroll/swipe to the most recent bookings. 

As an Owner, Admin, Manager you can also navigate to the BOOKINGS page from the hamburger menu at the bottom of the screen. 

From this screen below, search or scroll through bookings to select and view the booking. 

Once you tapped/clicked the booking, your individual booking will appear; 

To check in the individual booking simply select the small black check in icon on the bottom right of the booking, beside the hamburger menu. 

You will then be brought to the check in screen.For bookings with multiple guests, you can select "Everyone's Here" to check everyone in, or simply checkin the individuals by selecting the checkmark beside their name. 

Selected check in status will appear in colour. In this example we have "Everyone Here" selected in green. 

NOTE! If the checkin waiver has been enabled, and bulk checkin is selected during the checkin process, the checkin waiver will automatically cycle through each guest to collect their name and email. Once each guest "submits" their information they will be checked in and the next guest will be presented the waiver.  Read more  about checkin waivers HERE

"They Missed Out!" will open a no show screen. This is where you can record the reason why someone didn't show on a tour. 

Once the checkin status has been selected, close the check in mode using the X on the top right hand side of the screen. 

NOTE: clicking the action again will undo the selection you've made. 


As an Owner, Manager, or Admin, from the Dashboard you can scroll to the next experience under "NEXT FIVE EXPERIENCES" on the dashboard and tap or click on the experience, or use the hamburger button at the bottom to navigate to the Events list. 

As A Tour Guide Or Senior Tour Guide,  once logged in you can simply navigate to the event you are assigned to and select the experience date that you would like to check in the guests for. 

In order to JUMP to a date in the future, simply select the calendar widget in the bottom right hand side of the screen and tap a new date on the calendar. 

Once you have located and opened the experience, you will notice the CHECK IN mode, as a small button on the top right hand side of the experience. 

Select the Check in Mode button on the top right hand side and scroll down to select any booking on the event to begin the check in process.  (Book) 

In this example, you'll notice a total of 5 guests, and 2 bookings on the event. 

Select anywhere on the first booking or where the "Tom Jones'" are, or select the Check in button to begin checking in guests. 

In this example, "Everyone's Here" has been selected. All guests on this booking are accounted for, so the guide is checking everyone in by selecting the larger "Everyone's Here" check in button.