In Brief; 
More and more, there is a need to be philanthropic and increase corporate responsibility. Collecting charity donations provides options for your guests to donate to a topical, or current charity, dedicated to local or international relief efforts, or dedicated to causes near and dear. 

This can also improve credibility, improve the guest's trust in the company, and do good all around. 

How to Enable Charity Options in the Booking Process?

The charity must be vetted through EzTix Partner Support to confirm it is reputable. 

In order to set up this feature, please send an email to with the following information;

1. Name of Template or Event that you would like to enable a charity on

2. Legal Name of Charity

3. Charitable Number

4. Brief sentence description of the charity's efforts

5. Three suggested fixed donation amounts (ex. $1,$3, $5)

6. Charity image or logo
7. Optional default donation amount from one of the 3 suggested fixed donation amounts. 

How do Guests Donate? 

Once the charity has been approved and enabled by EzTix Partner Support, the charity donation options will display in the booking process on the Review & Checkout page. 

The charity of choice will display with it's featured image, and the ticket buyer will have the option of selecting a charity donation amount, or entering in an arbitrary amount of their choice. 

The donation will then be added to the totals and displayed in the transaction details on the booking as such;

NOTE; the donated charity value will be paid out directly by EzTix to the charity and will not be included on Payouts.